December 1, 2022

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Supreme Court welcomes the arbitrary extradition of Juan Jos டி de la Cruz Morales, the operational leader in the Falcon case

The Supreme Court accepted the arbitrary extradition of Juan Jos டி de la Cruz Morales (W, Vander or El Don).

The Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, using de la Cruz Morales, who is considered the head of the Eastern Region, used the brief process to voluntarily order him to go to the United States and respond to the facts. They blame him.

Cruz Morales asked the judges of the second criminal chamber of the Supreme Court to release a record of their willingness to voluntarily surrender “to prove innocence.”

“Judges, I come with a firm desire to be handed over to answer the charges against me,” de la Cruz Morales stressed, taking his decision without pressure.

The country’s High Court has issued an arrest warrant since 2019 against those handed over to the maximum security ward of Najayo Prison, but at that time the authorities did not hang her.

We are waiting for President Louis Abinader to sign the authority to extradite him to North America.

De la Cruz Morales owns three gas stations in his city where $ 4.3 million worth of high-end vehicles, high-end weapons and luxury apartments were discovered. On November 2, 2016, he was involved in the seizure of 1,786 kg of cocaine in Puerto Rico.

The delegate was the head of the operations of the structure; A boatman with experience dedicated to organizing illegal trips, but has entered the world of narcotics for more than a decade, according to the Ministry of Public Works, becoming one of the most important in the region.

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In this case, they also appeared as Maria Olympia Tavares Rodriguez (sound and / or La Princesa) for the drug trafficking and money laundering network; Juan Maldonado Castro (Martial and / or El Lauder), Victor Elpidio Altacracia Paulino Herrera (El Cordo), Luis Daniel Neves Batista, Adolfo Antonio Torres Sanapia (Tony and / Seon), leader .

Also, Jose Alejandro Morales O’Malley, La Antonio Castro Motto Miku), Elva Teresa Polanco: Juan Carlos Duran Rodriguez, Javier Antonio Tavares Rodriguez and Felipe Espino German.