Summer Slaughter Tears Up Vancouver’s Rickshaw


Summer SlaughterSummer Slaughter Tour 2010
The Rickshaw Theatre
August 19, 2010

By Charlene Tupper

The most extreme tour of the year has arrived. The Summer Slaughter tour has reached Vancouver, with the urge to rip this city apart with pure brutality and heavy metal from around the world. This year, a special treat was given to fans, Decapitated has reunited with some new members to headline the festival. Alongside, the co-headliners for the tour were The Faceless, All Shall Perish, and not far behind were the other bands who contributed to this slaughter of a tour.

The first band to hit the stage, was New England’s backbone to brutality, Vital Remains. This band takes “extreme” to a whole new level, even with their vocalist and bassist no where to be seen. Unfortunately, Tony(guitars) had to deliver the news that due to Canadian Customs, the two members were unable to get into Canada, however, with the vibe the crowd was giving, you would never notice they were absent. The band performed beyond expectations, and had a phenomenal set, showing off the skills and technicality this band truly possess. This band was made to “Dechristianize” the weak, and to lay waste to the non believers.

Animals as Leaders was the next band to play. This 3-piece band from Washington DC has had a lot of line-up and musical changes from having a full band with vocals and all, to currently an instrumental band. Their Progressive/Experimental metal sound definitely showed, with their technical guitar riffs, and unique musical arrangements. They performed well, however, due to lack of vocals, I found myself lost in the sense of the band having little to no movement, giving the group no stage presence, which was desperately needed.

Decrepit Birth was the next act to perform, due to Carnifex having work visa issues, and not being allowed into the country. Decrepit Birth definitely has “stoner’s appeal” with the singer walking out on stage, with a joint in his hand, passing it amongst the band, then into the crowd for all to share. After the full circle, numerous joints came back to the singer in a bag for him. Aside from that, the band was mildly energetic, and definitely more “crowd orientated” throwing out their new CD, “Polarity” to the fans. They played a pretty tight set.

The “Hydrogrind” band, Cephalic Carnage was the next band to walk on stage. This marijuana lovin’, grind metal band from Edgewater, Colorado definitely left a mark in the set of bands so far. They put on an amazing performance, while giving lots of stage presence and energy. The energy fed off into the crowd, causing large mosh pits and horns being held high. Part way through the set, singer “Lenzig” set out a dedicated song to 3 Inches of Blood, who attended the concert. The band had an extraordinary live performance, giving the fans a feeling of being ecstatic.

Veil of Maya was the next performance. This band name came from a George William Russell poem, ironically these 4 guys formed a death/progressive metal band with that very name. Their newest album called “[id]”, can be bought in 4 different cover colours. This being said, all together this band did not catch my attention. Through their entire set, I didn’t even know who they were. Musically, however, it wasn’t quite put together all that well. There is definitely room for improvement, but for being a newer band to the industry, they had some good riffs and some good beats.

The Red Chord has had their share of being “Fed through the Teeth Machine”, but that won’t put a stop to them. This band came on stage with force and ready to bring some Death metal to the table. They have just recently joined GWAR in the “Fight Humans, Not Dogs” PETA2 Campaign and are happily supporting PETA and its animal rights programs. Aside from that, the performance was well executed, with everyone working off one another, and having the tight connection to each other, to deliver an amazing show.

Now, it is time for some “Baby Makin’ Music”, or also known as Hardcore Death metal. All Shall Perish hit the stage with “Songs for the Damned” and played their music extremely well. The band seemed a little shy at first, not very talkative to the crowd, but the more energetic the audience got, the more powerful and chaotic the band got, giving them a more “social appeal” towards the fans. This group blasted into the metal scene in 2002, from Oakland, California, signing a deal with Nuclear Blast in 2004. Ever since, this band has risen like “The True Beast” and has hit the scene with full force.

“Horizons of Chaos” hit the stage, in other words The Faceless entered the stage. This band from California, forming in 2004 with guitarist Michael and bassist Brandon. Unfortunately, before Summer Slaughter, Brandon decided for personal reasons, to depart the band. The Faceless had no one fill in for bass, however, they gave 100%, and the fans definitely still appreciated having the band perform, even with Brandon gone. Musically, this band wasn’t the very best, definitely not to be the second last band playing for almost an hour. The band lacked any stage presence or enthusiasm, very few spoken words to the crowd. Numerous fans however, were thrilled with the performance, and felt the band had greatly improved since their last stop in Vancouver.

The “Spheres of Madness” however, is about to begin with the one, the only, Decapitated. This band from Poland has some emotional history behind them, with the return of the band worldwide, including a stage banner that states “from pain to strength”. If you aren’t familiar with the band, founding member Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka, at the age of 23, tragically passed away in a tour bus accident in Russia on November 2nd, 2007 , as well as Adrian “Covan” Kowanek, who slipped into a coma from the accident injuries. Vitek’s brother, Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka, also one of the founding members, continued on with the band, and with the new line up,

Decapitated has many plans to rekindle the flame that there once was 3 years ago. The Rickshaw was jam packed, there was barely room to move. Fans held their horns high, with “Decapitated Shirts” everywhere, this is the band everyone has been waiting for. They walked on stage, instantly delivering blast beats, heavy guitar riffs, and vocals so deep, you can feel them in the pit of your stomach. Decapitated definitely executed an “Invisible Control” over the entire tour, captivating fans who hadn’t seen the band since their last appearance in 2004 with Vitek and Covan, or even seeing them for the first time, you instantly fell in love with their performance, their band. This tour definitely sparked emotions, however, the Decapitated we all grew up with will never be replaced, but in honour and  strength, this is for you Vitek and Covan, you will always live on in our hearts

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