August 20, 2022

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Summary Toluca vs Cruz Azul (1-4). Goals

Mexico City /

Cruz Azul smashed a Toluca that could not weigh Nemisio Tees Stadium Hell, and surrendered again to the Celestial Machine that ended in a 4-1 victory and battled for second place in the general rankings.

Despite enjoying everything outside the Celestial Machine field these weeks, on the pitch, Juan Rhinoso was able to turn the blue machine into a consistent, strong and one-goal scorer despite the unsubstantiated criticism from many fans.

It was in the hands of the likes of Juan Escobar and Charlie Rodrிகுguez that it was a round-the-clock afternoon for Santiago Kiminis, who reached the double century in five minutes, and his father, Christian “Sago” Kimines. Position of Nemisio Tees.

The first goal was the work of Juan Escobar, who equalized 1-0 using a Charlie Rodriguez corner kick. Ignacio Ambris’ Devils responded 1-1 with a goal from Camilo Sanvezso, but the game faded slightly despite continued fan support.

Already in the second half, Charlie Rodriguez, the real piston of midfield who appeared in that area, with another head he used the machine as the Devils badly positioned it 2-1.

Later, Uriel Antuna tried to bring the magic out and penetrate the area, but midfielder Kevin Castaneda knocked him down and referee Jorge Antonio Perez scored a penalty. Immediately Santiago Kimines won the support of his teammates and won 3-1.

Another play on standard tactics came with the already convenient advantage and with the help of Juan Escobar, Santiago Kimines appeared again with a title, to extend the final 4-1, which extended Toluca’s home sky-blue paternalism, where he was not. Lost since 2017.

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