November 28, 2022

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Summary Sivas 3-0 Mazatlán | In 2022 Sivalacticas is all about debut

The Shivas Klasura started playing the drums in 2022 And with incomplete equipment They beat Mazatlon FC 3-0 One Sunday the people of Guadalajara confirmed that what was shown last season was not a joke and they are ready to fight for the title.

Closer to an insane first half they did Three goals in six minutes, Marcelo Michael Liano’s team started from the right foot, with more news Alexis Vega, one of the goal scorers, celebrated by saying he would stay There will be cast and contract renewal.

Michael Leono sent a reunion with a lot of young people and the youth team, So Shivas exited immensely to the ground of Akron Stadium. Mazatlán FC, on the other hand, do not have a good afternoon, it is still difficult for him to face the crowd, he does not know how to win four games, even if he has, he simply could not.

This is Sivas 3-0 MacDonald

Evidence for this came in the 5th minute, when Eduardo Torres was the first center from Caesar Hurta, who headed the Macedon area and was well saved by Nicholas Viconis. Miguel Bones relied on 10, scored a shot into the area, and again appeared to block Uruguay goalkeeper Pocho.

Minutes following 43 ‘, Angel Zaltiver He entered the shooting area and was fouled by Nestor Vitrio to mark himself Sentence Thus begins the sinalone hectomp. He took the same forward ball and put his instep and sent the ball to the left side of Viconis. 1-0.

People from Mazatlan did not immigrate until they were 45 years old. Eduardo Torres won 2-0 With a bigger goal. Lalo held the ball in the semicircle of the visiting area and lifted the ball with three fingers and scored on the Viconis.

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It seemed they were going to relax, but no. Vega won 3-0 Vigonis efficiently collected an impossible free kick and gave Sivas another advantage. In his celebration, Kissed the armor And he sent word that he was staying, so it looks like his contract renewal novel will end soon.

In the second half, with nothing saved in the first half, Macadlon scored his first goal at the age of 50 with Nicolas Benedetti’s bear, Who could not give the ball a good direction and sent it over the top.

Benad San Jose sent Gonzalo Sosa on the field to score the Chilean league goal, but the three goals scored in the first half were a blow to Sinaloa, and they did not rise from there.

Jewel Introduction: Sebastian Perez Bouquet

Already with 3-0, Marcelo Michael Leono introduces young teammate Sebastian Perez bouquet., Rojiplankas basic force jewelry when entering change from numbers 188 to 85 ‘. Home Element, who acts as the attacking midfielder, came close to scoring, but Vigonis blocked a shot with his foot in that area.