September 27, 2022

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Summary Pachuka vs. USA (3-0): Semi-Final – Clausura 2022 Liga MX

United States No match tonight TusosAnd despite a good start and two clear games in the first five minutes he could not against Hidalgo’s precision team, clearly taking the arrival of the danger he created. Won 3-0 and 4-1 overall.

Diego Valdes The fate of the game can change during an error Eric Sanchez He faced the local goal and left the ball served, without a mark nearby. Chile has completed its legislation on two occasions TusosHowever, both shots came within range Oscar UstariWho saved both attempts WaltzWhen three minutes have not yet passed.

On the opposite side Tusos After an unforgivable bad start and defensive hesitations, they advanced to the scoreboard in a game at right-down speed. Pocho Guzman A ball leaked Aviles HurtadoThe sender of a proper center Romario Ibarra Will come down and send it off to make it 1-0 in 13 minutes.

The Eagles Reduced in intensity and The competition became equal. Several mistakes in midfield caused the game to slow down and after intense starts and emotions in both areas, some arrivals on goals.

By the time the first half was already over and no team clearly dominated, Eric Sanchez Take a ball out of the area He scored the second goal with his right hand The Hiddleguns team led 3-1 on the world scoreboard.

The Eagles They needed three goals to advance to the final. Tusos They scored again in the 66th minute Romario Ibarra It appeared through the center of the area and went through a Little To put 3-0 and 4-1 on the global scoreboard.

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With the advantage of convenience Beautiful ventilation The Asulgrima team, who did not know what to do with the ball anymore, controlled the ball. He has no intention of attacking And despite errors in the beginning, he thwarted all his efforts in the local defense who had a perfect game tonight.

That week Club Pachuka 24 years have passed since his last expulsion, confirming his tenth final appearance in Mexican football in which he competed Cookers And Tigress won seven titles. The first leg match will be played on Thursday, May 26 against Atlas On the field Jalisco Stadium And return Hidalgo Stadium Sunday the 29th of the same month.