November 28, 2022

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Summary of the Quretaro vs Pumas (1-3) match. Goals

Based on “Joko Bonito” Poomas Do not give up leadership Closing 2022. Andres Lillini’s team beat Guerrero 3-1 to add to their second victory of the tournament. Coregidora Stadium, At night when only big goals are scored.

That One They already have 6 points, add 9 goals Both meetings and the university committee are committed, thanks to the good performance of all its departments.

In Editor, தி Poomas From Lionel Lopez’s definition they had to rise against an early goal and they did it best. Marco Garcia They were real cracks.

One more Rose From Alan Moso Not even that.

The game started rock solid and in 4 minutes he had already won White rooster, When Angel Sebulveda Leonardo Sequeira benefited the locals with a popcorn at a center.

The afternoon seemed to be a problem for the residents of the capital, but they recovered. Sebastian Sacito He made a long shot at 12 and it was deflected Washington Acure Kick in a corner and in the collection, Arthur Ortiz He nodded strongly and was again saved by the local goalkeeper.

The Poomas Built in the 15th ‘ Lopez Took the ball and made the shot from a long distance to hit Acure And put it 1-1.

The locals tried Kevin Escomilla Made a shot at 21, it went very, very close to the goal Alfredo Talavera.

The goal against Gallows Blancos was then canceled. Jonathan Dose Santos Proceed with the temporary tie.

Before the break, Garcia Gave the advantage to Poomas. Element of One Received, and from a distance he tried his luck with a cross shot 2-1.

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Dio show

Diego de Oliveira The second half began to hit the drums and he scored his third goal at 48 ‘ Poomas In the “title” 48 ‘, but in Where It was canceled because he did it by hand.

Al 53 ‘, Diogo Took the ball and danced to two elements White cocks, Got her inside Rogiro, Who sent the shot from the side.

The fighting continued and 64 ‘, Alan Moso Saw the red line Where Unreasonably against a non-existent occupation George Hernandez.

It was like beating Poomas, But no, from 68, Rogiro He scored the third goal of the match while scoring on the way out அகுயர் Make it 3-1. It was a clue Sacito, Brazilian took the ball and defined.

Cocks Was last in 81 ‘ Sequeira He made a volley shot, which took the defense out Poomas, Then no more and the One Confirmed his leadership Closing 2022.