May 23, 2022

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Summary of the Mazatlan FC vs Puebla (2-1) match. Goals

Mexico City /

This Clausura drew various scenarios to complete the regular phase of 2022 2-1. Macadlon Ft PueblaPublished Payment of fines Got through the stock table and even RepechageHis stay will depend on what happens in the remaining 17 days of this day.

If that were not enough, failure Bar Leave the table to the United States or so Blue CrossBecause the winner Young Classic Will be installed in the privileged area League Sweet potato growers should be sent directly to Repechage.

Third consecutive failure

Measured first half, without offensive brushstrokes that undermine the dominance marked by one of the two teams Cragan.

However, the second half rarely started and the Sluggers were able to take the lead with a goal Oswaldo AlanisThe player defined a corner kick to hit Anthony Silva.

Goal a few minutes later Puebla disrupted the defense and there were locals Clear opportunities Sentence with 2-0But behind the goalkeeper Bar Saved his team.

Sentenced favorably On the purple team with one hand Fernando Aristeguetta One play required critique VAR The complexity of the moment when the Venezuelan player tried to deflect the ball with his foot and it fell into his hand; Enough Antonio Perez Duran Mark the permit with yellow for the collection and striker from the eleven steps.

Marco Fabian took the ball and charged. The player put it in the center with forceCross bar playing To him 2-0.

Now yes, Mazatlecos had control of the game. Led by Nicholas Largamon They didn’t get a good chance with shots rejected by the defense.

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At the time of compensation, a fine was indicated for sweet potato growers Nicholas Viconis. However, time was running out and the final whistle was heard in the port of Sinaloa, where the engine, the. Eagles, The lionAtlas and Cookers They were fully focused on getting the accounts.