November 28, 2022

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Summary of the match Tigress Femenil vs Rayadas (0-0). At the end of 2021

San Nicolas de los Heroes /

His series is unbeaten in 40 games Nor can it be the best team in the women’s league They are valuable The Tigers will win the championship three times, The Amazon forgave 90 minutes in the Vuelta fight, after Monday’s 0-0 and 2-2 overall, Punishments were not their thing, they fell on Rayadas at home and among his people.

From hand Alexandria Codeines blocked two penalties, Leaving Kang 3-1 on penalties to reach the second title in their history (Apertura 2019 and Apertura 2021).

Despite the superiority of the Amazons, there was an intense Vulta fight in which both teams battled to win the title in the Regio 26 Women’s Classic. For the first time in its history a goalless draw was made, So everything should be defined from 11 steps, in which Albinazulz’s goalkeeper was dressed as codeine heroin.

Tigress started the shoot-out, with only Liliana Mercado scoring; Through Rayadas, they scored despite the pressure of the entire university Desirée Monsivis, Marana Cadena and Rebeca Bernal, So the three Fallas de los Ariasulas was his tomb.

First Nancy Antonio shot with her right hand Godinez sent her to Crossbow So that ball did not enter; Then Lisbeth Ovalle wanted to pull a little centered And they guessed to stop him; Finally, Hope Nayley Rangel, but he kept the ball in the post So the round ended 3-1 in favor of the Albiazuls.