May 22, 2022

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Summary of the match Rayados vs. Mazatlán FC (2-1); Two wins with Vuce

Under command Victor Manuel Vusetich, Scratched Keep moving forward, because by winning the Match 10 this Friday Macadlon 2-1, Gang League with two wins King Midas.

The Pacific region continues to sink with seven points. Montreal He already has 12 and two more fights pending.

Montessori started better than his rival

At 18 ‘, Alfonso Gonzalez Charged a foul in the center from the right wing, and it was then Stephen Medina Took a 1-0 lead.

Then, Eric Aguirre He almost increased the benefit when he got the filtered pass Joel Campbell Into the area, but the ball went to one side.

At the 37th minute, it seemed that Montessori could make a second, but Vincent Johnson The ball collided with the goalkeeper’s humanity Nicholas Viconis.

May eventually fall to 2-0 41 Johnson surrendered to Luis Romo within that area, who went to CampbellWho finished the cross to defeat the rival goalkeeper.

The second half was like masala

Macadlon tried to react and in the second half, Nicholas Benedetti Fell into the area due to alleged defect Celso Ortiz, But after reviewing the VAR, The Referee Daniel Quintero Decided that there was nothing in 68 ‘.

Was Miguel Sansor With one head he was able to catch the ball at 72 ‘, thus, facing the excitement of the fans, celebrating 2-1; After a few seconds, the same player who scored the goal almost equalized the match due to defensive control.

At 82 ‘, Campbell took off the goalkeeper and surpassed a defender who was the last man to send the ball into the net, but after screaming, he Scored offside.

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Suddenly, after a goal from the Sinaloans, the Riotos began to regain control of the match he had lost.

After checking Stephen Medina’s mistakes in the VAR, Macadlon will have a much more complicated situation since Nicholas Diaz was sacked.