December 1, 2022

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Summary of the match Poomas vs Santos (0-3). Goals “

Mexico City /

The Poomas They could not do only a part of the homework to aspire to a place in el Repsage of the 2021 Aberdera competition, What else They lost 3-0 to Santos Tonight, as a result they will have to do I long for a mathematical miracle To stay Within the first 12 places From the general table.

A good result today would have put university students in a better position. With 21 points And the classification in your hands, however, a Diego Valdes double And a Lots more from Omar Campos Those in the lead were struck by the scene Andres Lillini, That should now be in addition Cruise won Asula They should Expect at least six results To accomplish the feat.

Warriors They were Useful They know how to beat the locals at dangerous times. In the 16th minute, the Chilean midfielder hit the first header after a medical center Jesus Isijara, Who took the light mark of Cispa Velarde, a young teammate and a player who struggled to control it today. Attendance offense.

And it was the second of the night even though his band fell into a center thanks. The ball was pushed back Waltz, Than others Strong header made it 2-0 On the scoreboard, the university caused disappointment in the Olympic arena He wore a nice entrance Tonight is the middle of the week though.

A Kickback, When the cats are thrown in front and try to do a damage Corner kick, Santos lace and Omar Kamboz took the lead 3-0 He thus practiced the success of the Dorian team, which reached this conclusion 23 units And it was placed sixth and had the potential to qualify directly for Likuila for the season.

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71 more ‘ The Puma had a chance However, access to that area must be made with a maximum penalty of one year Carlos Acevedo blocked a shot by Juan Ignacio Dinenno With a great stretch to send the ball to a corner kick.

All for university students who came out empty-handed Need a miracle On the last day Beginning of 2021, They are just above Xolos, Querétaro and FC Juárez with just 18 points.