December 1, 2022

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Summary of the match Necaxa vs Mazatlán (2-1). Goals

Believe it or not Nexa is alive In the qualifying search for the final stage of ATrouble 2021Well, he won 2-1 To Mazatlán FC in compensation and criminal proceedings.

The rays came 20 points And their classification dream, The Mazatlon FC For his part, he missed a good chance to reassure himself and will now play against everything on the final day Sivas.

The match was so close that it was limited in compensation time Penalty goal Maxi Salas where he lives Nexus.

It took a long time for the fight to start, Raul Sandoval Nicolas Vignes saved a shot in the 8th minute Nexus, Who tried again at 32, with a shot from A.lejandro Zendejas That went above and beyond.

Rodrigo Aguirre He took another shot at 33 ‘, again Vikonis He saved to continue with 0-0.

It was 38 ‘then Gentajas After one game, he opened the scoring by scoring into the area Alan Medina, Who entered with the ball.

In the final section, the Mazatlon FC He had three visits, but the goalkeeper stopped them all. Edgar Hernandez.

First 44 ‘a Daniel is an amateur, And at 45 ‘a Camilo Sanvezo And Evan Moreno.

In the second part, Vikonis He scored another goal Aguirre And at 59 ‘, Heriberto Jurato Hope was far from over without much luck.

At 68 ‘, hand Aguirre, The play was reviewed Where And he was fined Mazatlon FC, Scorer Sanwesso Al 69 ‘.

It seemed so in the final part They split the points, And had a penalty for 91 ‘ Nexus, Hand Roberto Meras This was confirmed in VAR.

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Al 94 ‘, Maxi rooms Take the ball, hit the shot, and score 2-1 Final.