December 7, 2022

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Summary of the Match Atletico Morelia Vs. Simmons (2-0). Goals

Second was the charm for Atletico Morelia, who was finally crowned Expansion League When successful 2-0 (2-0 total) at Maroons of Sonora, Thanks for two goals in the final half of the match.

They fell down a year ago Depotitlon FCThe remaining bourgeoisie with the closest series was soon avenged, but thanks for a shot and the whole crowd Morelos Ground They received the title.

Ida was close, without goals, Volda sounded the same, 10 minutes from the end, Louis Perez Hit with one head, then, at the time of compensation, the second fell

The competition was more possessive Morelia, Sergio Vergara He was very sharp in the first half and warned in the 6th minute with a deflected shot.

Ramirez Sent another alert to 9 ‘with a head that could not enter the target Cabino espinoza.

Maroons Slow reaction and Ulysses Torres He stuck a ball in the line that the goalkeeper had on the 31 ‘run. Santiago Ramirez.

Towards the end of the first half, Vergara Not reaching a ball Gale Acosta Y Vincent Boki He made a shot from the side at 42 ‘to go into the break without goals.

In the second half, Simmons first knocked on the door, then 50 ‘, Jose Alfredo Peralta Sent her to a page. Vergara Answered and at 51 ‘he put a ball Ramirez What Unable to connect With head.

The fight was closed. That Sound They tried with two long shots. First 62 ‘, Oswaldo Dona One free shot and 63 ‘, Oscar Villa And twice There is no goal.

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They seemed to be overtime up to 80 ‘. Ulysses Jurita He went down the left wing and threw a finished center with his head in the heart of the area Perez Make it 1-0Explode in joy To the Morelos ground.

The feet were hard Maroons From Gabriel PereiraWho did not wake up and won 2-0 at the stop by Atletico Morelia. Edward Ibarra Chairman and announced Final Champion 2022 On top of that Expansion League.