December 10, 2022

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Summary of the match Atlas vs Lyon (2-0). Goals “

Guadalajara Jalisco /

The Atlas He turned in between The first three of 2021 By your addition Fifth win In the match won at home 2-0 for Lyon, A team that is unaware of failure as an observer.

On a hot afternoon, the foxes were fine and won at the right moments Get one more hit Thanks Goals of Anderson Santamaria And Diego Barbosa.

That Ariel Holan Tired, they played in half a week In the end League Cup In the United States it cut the number of Guanajuato employees.

Still, Leon tried and gave a strong warning with a shot from Steven Barreiro The marker is unlocked At 8 ‘ Anderson Santamaria La Fierra won a ball on the way out, and he left it to Julian Quinos Julio Furch, The Emperor made Peru 1-0 with a good shot.

Furch took a shot at 16 ‘, which hit the defense at another Fox finish. La Fierra responded again at 30 ‘with a shot from the side Emmanuel Gigliotti And Puma, 36, turned around and held her close.

In the second half, Atlas continued to bang and at 51 ‘, Luis Reyes put the ball in that area, but Julian Quinos did not come to save it. And then off side at Julio Furch 56 ‘.

Azora They extended the score to 60. Aldo Rocha Diego Barbosa And the athletic youth team took the shot 2-0 In favor of rojinecros.

Giro tried another attempt on Quinos 67 ‘on a free kick taken by Torres and Colombia’s head, which was left to Rotolbo Kota, who took another shot two minutes later, now from Reyes.

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Leon wanted and Omar Fernandes made a shot saved by Camilo Vargas to keep his goal at zero.

In total, William DeSilo He went to the post and on the counter, Brian Trejo made a shot to the atlas. But the scoreboard no longer moved and there was an athletic win.