May 19, 2022

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Summary of the Lyon vs Shivas game (2-1). Goals

The Chivas is thankful for their mistakes And visit Fell to 2-1 In front of him The lion Your Second loss of the semesterOn a night when the people of Guadalajara seemed even more deserving.

Was La Fierra won in the 95th minute At home, one night Chivas failed down There he overcame defeat, however there were goal games for Rojiplankos to win.

The Holy Flock did not play badly, But he does not put it and errors appear, they miss the targets.

It happened to them again Now Fernando Peltron has failed On a ball La Fierra’s goal was assisted by Victor DevilaBut in 9 minutes, The Chicot was saving the night.

With this result, the Holy Flock has 7 points YouOKAnd a lot to improve With Marcelo Michael Liano Red and white bench.

The The lion Began to attack and The first visit was made by Elias Hernandez It saved him while making a shot Raul Gudino In 9 minutes.

At the age of 18 ‘came the most unfortunate move. In the beginning Fernando Beltron wanted to play behind Finished with the mix Victor Devila. Chile were singled out against Gudino He sent it to save 1-0.

Tabatios tried. Alexis Vega made a shot at 25 ‘ Very close and then what happened at 34 Guadalajara When Robert AlvaradoReceived pass from Jesus angle Took a low shot forcing him to use more Rodolfo Quota And stretch down; A minute later The same goalkeeper fired a shot from Jaldivar.

Before the half-time whistle. Angel Saldivar left her in PeltronThe Child He took out the rifle shot that went up.

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Already in the second half, Anglo put the shoe on 53 ‘ Who was frolicking with the dying score.

Michael Leono Gave Joining José Juan Macías at 65 ‘ With the intention of gaining ground in the attack, the striker stepped in between Boose and At 68 ‘he put a ball to Christian Calderon That cut him off Dimension.

That seemed Sivas Fell again, up to 81 ‘, Isaac Priscilla put a ball into the area To the right and almost to the second post Sikot seemed to keep him away His head and make it 1-1.

Still Sivas can win The ball fell from 86 AngleTried with Kota is a shot that binds himHey With legs To keep the tie, and Next came the lion’s second.

Was At 94 ‘Lyon saw victory When Oswaldo Rodriguez Reused it Rojiplanca defense failed to beat La Fierra 2-1.