November 28, 2022

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Summary of the competition. Barcelona vs Espanyol (1-0). Goals

Successes are about love and how it all started The new era of Barcelona is now on the bench of Xavi Hernandez, After defeating Espanyol 1-0, was not without controversy They finished asking for time before the parrots arrived.

A month after not winning at La Liga, he made his debut in front of the historic Coole player Plugranas. Memphis wins with minimal thanks to Debay’s score, A Controversial culprit in the second part. The last Coole victory they beat Valencia on October 17th, they were now able to do it again.

How did the game develop?

Being at home and with the new DD, Barcelona came to attack And in the 3rd minute DeBay warned goalkeeper Pav Lopez to leave the ball behind. The visit came in the 10th minute when Adrian Embarza scored a shot. In another excellent move, Ilias Agomas sent the ball high, though it did not land at 14 ‘.

Sergio Busquets tried to open the score at 30 ‘. He placed a ball near the post, where Lopez came to the rescue. Before the break, Raல்l de Tomas came close to scoring as he hit a 44-run shot, Gerrard Pique, and the ball bounced.

Starting the second half, Debbie fell in the area in a very close game With Uruguay, Leandro Cabrera, seemed to reach the ball at first, but Penalty was awarded at 46 ‘. The same Dutchman took the ball and shot for 48 runs. He tricked goalkeeper Lopez into winning 1-0.

Adria Petrosa from Barcelona finished second In Apte Esselzi’s play in 61 ‘, he derives his livelihood from the Busquets, but cannot mention it. Emperba made another shot at the age of 68, which was saved by Der Stegen.

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Little by little Parrots searched further And at 70 ‘, de Tomas forgave the tie by sending a shot from one side to that area.

Apte replied and at 73 ‘he almost hit the cross at the crossbar. At 81 ‘, De Thomas put her on a stick with a free kick down the left side, He pulled the trigger and did nothing. Landry di Mata again apologized in favor of Espanyol, stopping at 84 ‘in front of Ter Stegen and sending his head from the side.

Again de Thomas put it in the post, but this time with a header at 86 ‘. Things continued Barcelona banged for gold victory At this new stage.

How is Lalika?

With this conclusion, the Barcelona advanced to seventh place with 20 points From the Spanish League table, The heels of Royo Vallegano, With the same units, but with the option of beating the Catalans in Match 11.

For its part, Espanyol remain 11th with 17 pointsDespite the defeat, he finds it difficult to get out of the position because Mallorca, a team that can beat him, visits Royo Vallegano, who is in very good condition.