May 18, 2022

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Summary FC Jurassic vs. USA (3-0): The Eagles Keep Flying!

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Undoubtedly Ferdinand Ortiz He turned the illusion into Americanism. The தானோ Has done United States A team that is confident on the pitch has taken them back to the path of victory. In view The brave ones The Eagles Has won the third in a row and already has Repechage.

May be United States He didn’t play brilliantly, but he did function effectively, something he lost Santiago Solari And he’s back with Bench Dano, which is why they are already in the reclassification zone.

There are Eagles Many will say that they have life, blood and heart, and that on the playing field the players compromise and lead the way to victory. Wins against rivals of bad mountBut there aren’t even winners in Solari.

The first goal was work Alexander GentajasThe Mexican-American wanted to be in the United States, and although he did not add two goals, he is beginning to show the level he has reached. Nexa That’s what made him the best Mexican scorer last season.

Because without putting the accelerator fully on The brave ones It does not imply any kind of dedication to the second of the night for asulgrams Federico VinasUruguay did not score MX League For five months with United States And the curse was shaken.

At the end of the game Henry finished third And he was upset by the fans because he failed Diego Valdes If he can do what Yucatecan cannot do, he can put concrete figures in it.

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East United States Not a candidate for the title, but those who qualify on Repechage will suffer the most because they will meet a team with confidence and Presented to your technician.