May 18, 2022

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Summary Cruz Azul vs Shivas (0-1): Guadalajara Resurrected by Cicod!

Aztec Ground /

Rojiplanco had a chance to get revenge tonight against the team Blue Cross. Where with the goal Alexis Vega Attended Christian Calderon 1-0 was enough for Guadalajara’s box win.

Guy when you can a second time Calderon Headed a charged corner kick Alexis Vega This gave him a 1-0 lead.

Emotions were kept up until the second half because both were out of the box John Rhinoso Similar to Repano’s internship Richard Chain They undertook the task of giving a good show for the attack.

Guadalajara, without Marcelo Michael Liano The bench started with five lines in the absence of such men Fernando Feltron, Jose Juan Macias and Isaac Priscilla.

The reason for that Alexis VegaThe last to be knocked out, pleaded guilty, and rendered excellent service Angel Soldier, Who defined and flew his shot. The same fate befell him Vega Minutes later.

For their part, the Graves They again faced the enemy’s goal and the intimidating attempts were well controlled by the goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez.

There are no additional options on the stand though Violence appeared With fights between fans controlled by the authorities; According to MX LeagueThree people were arrested.

Sivas Breathe in the match with 17 points, at the same time Blue Cross In sixth place with 21 points could not enter the direct qualifying zone.

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