May 20, 2022

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Summary Cruise Azul vs Poomas (0-0)

Songs, lamentations and laughter … Azteca Stadium is one of the best stadiums of 2022. Blue Cross Received Cookers With an abundant World Cup colossus The second leg of the Concacaf Champions League semi-final. The sky-blue against 2-1 did not weigh in, but the lack of strength of some machine players did.

It’s only a question of a goal, Poomas endured, He created and developed his game. In the end, they got their reward with a scoreless draw The Congolese take them to the final with a 2-1 goal worldwide They have not been reached since 2005.

Cookers He made his first call at the shooting Hikor Meridao It put the cat fans at their feet, but the ball did not have the best direction and went to the side of the goal. Sebastian Jurato.

Dominance belonged to the arrival, but the machine leaned forward and an offensive play appeared Ignatius Rivero Unable to sign. The ball went forward Alfredo Talavera.

One more of the cats. Diego de Oliveira receives a filtered pass from midfield, the ball bouncing backwards Adrian Altred. Diego got Jurato’s perfect post, he leaned back and saved an important Sky-Blue supporter to save his team.

The celestial goal that is not

Days ago, Evan Morales He continues his adaptation process, but he points out that he needs more minutes. Tonight, John Rhinoso Gave him the right.

Uriel AntunnaIn one of the plays of sacrifice and perfection, He stole the ball in midfield in the view of Leo Lopez And he took her to the edge of the area he had chosen to serve his Chilean companion, who was in excellent condition, almost without a mark or problem or discomfort. However, his dangerous shot drowned out the sky-blue fans’ goal.

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Lots of extra time at Azteca

Intensity on the field moved to the stands, where it started War of slogans in an Aztec Almost packed. Give, give, give Cruise Asul! Goya on the one hand, on the other.

Santiago Kimines and Christian Tabo They went for two weak men: Morales and Paca. Shanti became so disgusted that the role was handed over to him over the weekend before the strategy was changed. Rhinoso.

He did, and came in as a juvenile substitute and immediately put pressure on the cat defense. A game that ended in a goal and was eliminated a minute later Arturo “Palermo” OrtizBecause Auriasul made a mistake near the area.

The pressure of the engine must be weakened somehow. Andres Lillini send Jerome Rodriguez For a defensive closure, like this, little by little they bounced back a little bit offensive, but without being firm.

In an offensive play, Poomas sells Adrian Ultrate’s alleged misconduct against Diego de Oliveira. Yes OK Mario Escobar Scored in favor of the penalty VAR After he called him and saw him again, the Guatemalan whistler decided to reverse the decision.

Azteca boils down to the sky-blue plays they can’t connect to, and there’s one more move from Reynoso and RĂ³mulo Otero for everyone. Nothing worked After eight minutes of compensation, Cruz Azul failed to score the only goal he needed and Poumas calmed Azteca..