May 16, 2022

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Summary Barcelona vs Cadiz (0-1). The goal.

Mexico City /

The perfect result for those full of successes I dreamed of Xavi Hernandez Then collapsed Barcelona lost 1-0 to Cadiz Camp Nou and this result That minimal optimism was extinguished That blockchains should try to achieve The real MadridLalika dominated with 75 points.

Box Service Is in 60 units Seville, But still a game. Although mathematically they have the opportunity, Reaching Madrid is almost impossible.

Cadiz’s lucky target

Finished pushing a pumped pass from outside the area Nephew Head but Der Stegen was able to dismiss And the ball was alive Second shot by Lucas Perez. Thus came the goal of defining the outcome.

Temple Created some chances, but Cadiz’s defense knew how to block them. Even. Jeremiah Ledesma He saved a shot scored by the French player.

Cadiz apologized for the elimination of Blackrana 2-0. Captain Alex Fernandez received the ball from Alejo with a clear goal chance, however, his strength failed him and he was unable to put the ball into the left post. Der Stageny went to one side of the goal.

In the final of the tournament, Cadiz He closed his defensive fort with five elements Thanks to the changes of Santiago Arcementia and Victor Sust Service Responded with Adama Troy and Luke de Zhang.

However, Ledesma stopped everything, and not only that TempleEric Garcia’s attempt also sent a corner kick not used properly by Barca.

A) Yes, Barcelona This does not add anything to the J32 and is in second place Seville For results between the two.

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