December 1, 2022

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Summary and Objectives: 2021 Gold Cup Group Stage El Salvador 2-0 Guatemala | 07/11/2021

11:58 PM22 minutes ago

Game over!

11:53 PM27 minutes ago

Target for El Salvador!

Joaquin ends up within the Rivas area to maximize the benefit of the exam and put in solid figures.

11:48 PM32 minutes ago

90 + 4 ‘

Guatemala’s last change: Luis Martinez was replaced by Yeltsin Alvarez.

11:43 PM37 minutes ago

90 + 3 ‘

El Salvador’s Walmer Martinez is also on record.

10:38 PM42 minutes ago

90 + 2 ‘

Recent changes from El Salvador: Walmar Martinez and Isaac Portillo join Zero Henriques and Marvin Monteroza.

An hour ago at 10:33 p.m.

90 ‘

Six minutes are added.

An hour ago 10:23 pm

Target for El Salvador!

Alexander Roldan hit Nicholas Hagen with a low shot that hit the left.

An hour ago at 10:18 p.m.

80 ‘

El Salvador makes one more move: Joshua Rivas replaces Joshua Perez.

An hour ago 10:13 pm

78 ‘

New change in Guatemala: Darwin Lom enters Jorge Aparcio.

An hour ago 10:08 pm

69 ‘

Guatemala makes further changes: Robin Bettencourt and Luis de Leன்n enter for Marvin Cephalos and Jose Morales.

An hour ago 10:03 pm

64 ‘

El Salvador makes its first changes: Juan Portillo and Darwin Seron leave and Alexander Roldan and Marvin Marquez enter.

9:58 pm One hour ago

61 ‘

El Salvador’s first warning in the second half; Juan Portillo drives a shot towards the goal of Guatemala.

8:48 PM2 hours ago

54 ‘

El Salvador recovered the ball and tried to create danger, but still did not succeed, at least clearly.

9:43 PM2 hours ago

The second half begins!

9:38 PM2 hours ago

The first half is over!

The teams of El Salvador and Guatemala are participating in the 2021 Gold Cup debut.

9:33 PM2 hours ago

43 ‘

Counter attack from Guatemala ends with a shot from Zero Ariola.

9:28 PM2 hours ago

40 ‘

Little by little, Guatemala is equalizing in possession of the ball; However, he was very difficult to progress and he did not carry the restricted ball beyond his court.

9:23 PM2 hours ago

33 ‘

Jose Pinto, a member of Guatemala, gets the yellow card for a very strong deal.

9:18 PM2 hours ago

31 ‘

Guatemala’s Jose Morales is the first warning of the match.

9:13 PM2 hours ago

25 ‘

In the last minutes, the game was stopped again due to continuous mistakes made by both the teams.

9:08 PM2 hours ago

18 ‘

Nearly 20 minutes later, there is a tie in the match between El Salvador and Guatemala; So far, no choice has been made.

9:03 PM2 hours ago

5 ‘

For now, the team that took the initiative by taking the El Salvador ball and reaching the opposite goal.

8:58 PM2 hours ago

The competition begins!

7:48 PM3 hours ago

El Salvador Order!

Mario Gonzalez; Alexander Lauren, Ronald Rodriguez, Eric Savaletta, Brian Tamagas, Marvin Monteroza (C), Darwin Seron, Giro Henriques, Joshua Perez and Juan Portillo.

8:43 PM3 hours ago

Guatemala Order!

Nicholas Hagen; Jose Pinto, Moises Hernandez, Gerardo Cordillo, Steven Robles, Jose Morales, Marco Tomanzuez, Jorge Abaricio, Marvin Cepalos, Jero Ariola and Luis Martinez.

8:38 PM3 hours ago

Guatemala has the support of its fans

8:33 PM3 hours ago

El Salvador is getting ready to go to the Toyota Stadium

8:28 PM3 hours ago

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8:23 PM3 hours ago

See and live El Salvador vs Guatemala where and how

8:18 PM3 hours ago

Guatemala Last Row

Guatemala faced Guatemala in the reclassification for this trophy as follows: Hagen; M. Domanjuves, M. Cephalos, J .; Pinto, M. Belek, L .; Martinez, d. Lom, G. Cordillo, J .; Martinez, M. Hernandez and S. Robles.

8:13 PM3 hours ago

The last line of El Salvador

This is the eleventh place given by El Salvador in the preparation match against Qatar a few days ago: M. Martinez; B. Tamagus, r. Domanjuves, r. Gomez, A. Lauren, i. Portillo, J .; Henriques, d. Cheron, M. Monterosa, J .; Perez et al. Rukamas.

8:03 PM3 hours ago

Guatemala, seize the opportunity

7:58 PM3 hours ago

El Salvador, to make history

7:53 PM3 hours ago

El Salvador and Guatemala present their presentation

7:48 PM4 hours ago

Gold Cup Team a

7:43 PM4 hours ago

This is the format of the 2021 Gold Cup

7:38 PM4 hours ago

Good afternoon to all Wavell readers!

Welcome to the broadcast of the El Salvador Vs Guatemala match, which is similar to the one-day match of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Group Stage. The match will take place at 9:30 pm at the Toyota Stadium.