Striptease (Unrated International Edition) – Blu-Ray Review


It’s always fun to see what Mr. Skin says when you know there’s a nude scene in a movie. With Striptease getting a new Uncut International Version on Blu-ray this month, you know Mr. Skin would have something to say about the film’s star Demi Moore. He says her pole-routine at the 55-minute mark of the film is her "all-time skinematic moment to beat". But what Mr. Skin doesn’t do, is explain that Striptease is much more than a skinematic masterpiece – it’s an intriguing story driven by a strong plot and a very strong cast led by Moore, Burt Reynolds and Ving Rhames.

Striptease got a bad shake when it was first released in 1996 falling prey to attacks that it would be a show-waster like Showgirls, which was released just before it. While Striptease has its moments of sexuality and exciting nudity, like the afore mentioned 55-minute pole-routine, it’s the strength of Moore’s character Erin Grant that gives the movie so much more.
The movie begins with Grant losing her daughter in a custody battle with her ex-husband, who steals wheelchairs for a living. As a result of her ex’s activities, Erin was also fired from the FBI as a secretary. Stuck needing work, she joins a weird and whacky group of ladies stripping at the Eager Beaver to pay her rent and hopefully win back her daughter.
The 1080p transfer is very clean and keeps its clarity thoughout, even though the film is filled with dark nightclub and evening scenes. The sound is also very clean and pumps into full mode at the club.
Although IMDB reports that the Uncut International Version contains an additional two minutes of footage, it doesn’t say what that extra footage is. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious new scenes, so the two extra minutes must be additional footage added during the strip routines, giving the film a bit more nudity overall, but nothing really noticeable as "uncut".
Striptease was a good film when it came out in 1996 and it’s even better all these years later. Moore gave her all for this performance and it shows in her character’s desire to screw the bad guys and get her daughter back.