November 28, 2022

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Stephanie Meyer’s aggression is spreading on social media

Montessori, N.L. /

Female tigers You may be affected by the suspension of your star Stephanie Meyer, From close sources Montreal They confirm that the kitten’s request for permission to attack Diana Garcia is being investigated.

That’s during the fight The first leg of the women’s final, When Mayor Garcia played the first part of the match, gave a heavy blow into the area.

The ball was not playing between the two of them and suddenly the mayor went near Garcia and hit him with his hand. His nose was badly bruised, causing the Albiasul footballer to start bleeding.

The mayor was not reprimanded for not having a VAR in the women’s section; However, there are videos showing aggression and in Rayadas they are analyzing the opposition before the regulatory authority.

If the Major is convicted, it is a very sensitive loss to the cats; Stephanie is the teacher of 2-2 In Ida’s fight, he scored a superb goal, defining the roof where the match goalkeeper was pumped.

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