November 28, 2022

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Sophie Lopez unleashes a kick and unleashes anger in her first game at MLS

Mexican Javier Lopez, ‘Sophis’, has been linked with the fall of his team and a controversial drama involving him in the MLS.

Javier Eduardo Lopez, Also known as ‘Sophis’ this Friday at MLS. Debuted in and his action led to a fight in the opening game of the 2021 season of American football.

Within an hour of the game he was on the field, Lopez had no appropriate sports action, but he started a kick to Houston Dynamo’s Jose Guillermo ‘Memo’ Rodriguez, which ended in between push-ups.

Although ‘Sophis’ did not attack the Americans, it was clear how he deliberately started kicking towards Rodriguez, but the Houston dynamo midfielder was able to remove himself despite the immediate encounter with the Mexican.

With a few words and shouts, the comrades of both elements came to aggravate the fight, which did not end with events that should eventually be regretted.

Finally, Matthias Almeida, technical director of ‘Sophis’ with the San Jose earthquakes, gave a 60-minute play to the midfielder who did not have his best match with Sivas last year.

In addition, the California team lost the game 2-1 at the start of a new campaign. Dynamo’s goals came from ‘Memo’ Rodriguez and Maximiliano Uruti, who were dismissed by San Jose Paul Marie.

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