Sonic Orchid Rip Up McNally’s In Regina

Sonic OrchidSonic Orchid
McNally’s Pub
Regina, Saskatchewan
August 27, 2010

By Andrea L. Lawrence

Saskatchewan’s Sonic Orchid is a rock band with flare. The band performed at McNally’s Pub in Regina, SK on August 27th to a full house. They play original music, as well as hard rock cover tunes.

The lead singer, Christina Gasparic is ‘sonic’ in her range performing lead vocals. Her voice is strong and she has a way of soliciting your attention. She plays guitar, keyboards, and I have seen her play the drums. Her talent is amplified by her ability to interact with the crowd and it enables everyone to have some fun.

Along with her musical talent, and song writing ability, she has a Bachelor of Music Education degree and is a certified fitness trainer. This lady has no trouble keeping up an energetic performance. Christina also plays with other local bands when time permits.

The Lead guitarist, Brad Evanochko, brings a crisp, solid sound on guitar and vocals. He brings professionalism to the front line of the band with a good clean sound. His dedication to music shows as Brad runs the Rock Program at the Academy Of Music in Regina and teaches guitar.

On the bass guitar is C. J. Cook. His ability to make that bass work its magic will make anyone’s heart thump in rhythm. C.J. also brings vocal talent to the band. In his spare time he teaches bass lessons and is the technical guru for Sonic Orchid.

Grant Frew on drums, percussion, and vocals, really pulls this band together with his ability to get your attention and hold it. He likes perfection and it shows, as each song seems to rush through his veins as if it were lifeblood. Grant is also the manager of one of the top brewpubs in Regina.

Recently the band added another talent to the group, Stu Block, who normally sings death and clean vocals for his regular heavy metal band INTO ETERNITY. He joined Christina on stage for a duet. The two of them complimented each other vocally and the sound was magnetic. Stu also executes a few of the hard rock songs that Sonic Orchid plays. This man can get people with short attention spans to stop for a few minutes and watch him perform. If you want my opinion, I think Christina and Stu are sleeping together because the chemistry between them was evident, and I saw her slap his ass!

Sonic Orchid has been together since 2002 and performs regularly. The band released a six song EP “SONIC ORCHID” in 2005 and issued their first full-length album “LOVE AND WAR” in April 2008.

This band has a true love for music and their talent shows at every venue they play at. Their hours of practice, song writing ability, and genuine heart, give this band the tools to succeed. I have had the pleasure of seeing Sonic Orchid play on several occasions and have always been pleasantly surprised by the groups on-going talent. The set list changes and new songs are added all the time.