June 30, 2022

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Soldiers and police on a mission to find the culprits!

CThe National Police and Armed Forces launched “My Safe Country” joint operations yesterday afternoon with the aim of restoring peace and tranquility to the Dominicans, in line with President Louis Abinader’s desire to confront crime.

More than a thousand soldiers from the Armed Forces joined the police force, distributed in the vicinity of Greater Santo Domingo and in the interior provinces of the country, where crime takes place at any time of the day or night.

“Soldiers, send our police forward. This is the moment when the homeland benefits from our services because we warn those who endanger the public peace because we immerse our men and women in the neighborhoods, cities, provinces and corners. Greater Santo Domingo, the Armed Forces and the National Police are here to protect our civilians as we have always done, ”said General George Mancebo Batista, director of federal prevention.

These operations were established at strategic points, where they arrested hundreds of people involved in guns, plated weapons, drug use, fighting and other crimes that disturbed the peace of neighboring countries.

Each general, from the police and the armed forces, was assigned a section, which they were to inspect.

Support for operation
People in the neighborhood greeted the police officers with applause and applauded: Bravoooo! Glory to God for finally keeping them here! They won a hundred! Trust us! Do not leave us alone time among other surprises!

President Abinader yesterday morning ordered a joint operation to ensure peace amid rising crime.

The president, who chaired a meeting with the National Police Council, stressed that the government would not accept a mafia peace deal that deals with peacekeeping, especially drug trafficking.

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“This government is working and will continue to work so that true peace and tranquility can prevail on the basis of respect for human rights, but our citizens’ sense of security and the determination of our law enforcement forces in bringing peace and tranquility to the streets and their homes,” Abinader said.

“I urge those who cause unrest in our neighborhoods, in our fields, to surrender peacefully, because if they do not do so (they) will be found wherever they are,” Abinader added.

Increase in crime
Abinader’s request came days after four members of a criminal gang known as the “Los Manors” or “Suki Malos” died at the hands of police officers.

According to official reports, the death of the leader of the gang, Miguel Angel Calderon “Bambo”; Kelvin Santos de la Cruz, Jerell David Perralda and another man still unknown were involved in a gun battle with uniformed police officers.

Attacks on Mojara

Residents of the Mojarra sector in Guerra municipality have complained of frequent pressure from gangs of criminals who have dedicated themselves to intimidating the sector.

Everything closed at eight at night
Residents denounced the Brulito gang for not being able to go out after 8:00 pm because they were stealing their belongings through multiple thefts.

She was stabbed
Jocelyn de la Cruz, from the department, was one of the victims of a mob stabbing her several times in the chest after taking away her belongings.