Soilwork And Death Angel Get Vancouver Fans In A Frenzy


SoilworkSoilwork / Death Angel / Mutiny Within / Swashbuckle
Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
July 28, 2010

By Charlene Tupper

Soilwork, the almighty “Weapon of Vanity”, returned to Vancouver with Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, and Swashbuckle in tow. The Rickshaw was jammed with fans waiting to hear their metal heroes kick out some unapologetic hard and heavy music and attitude.

New Jersey’s Swashbuckle started off by dancing all over the stage with one another to a jaunty tune. This quick little decision definitely got the audience enthusiastic about seeing the pirates of metal for the second time this year.  Their set list was a barrel of classics like “Back to the Noose” and of course, “Cruise Ship Terror”. The band was very energetic and full of laughs, until they had to announce that due to border issues, Augury would not be performing. Hopefully the next time these swashbucklers return to Vancouver, they will have a brand new album under their boots and they can bring the entire scurvy.

Mutiny Within, who also was recently in town with Sonata Arctica’s tour, played a bit of a longer set because Augury canceled their performance. They got to play a couple extra songs off their latest self-titled album that was recently released (and being sold for only $5 on the tour). This is the first tour that the song “Reflections” was played and also the first time for their newest member, Chad (drums). Their performance was extremely powerful, but also very clean and crisp. Near the end of their set, Chris(vocals) jumped off stage and ran straight into the circle pit while he sang the song. The band definitely kept you very pumped for the next band, Death Angel.

Death Angel was one of the highlights as was evident by the very tight and  claustrophobic crowd as fans pushed and shoved to get close to the Filipino-American thrash metal band. The band formed at an early age, however, disbanded in 1991 due to an injury to their drummer. In brighter aspects, the band reunited (without Gus Pepa) in 2001 and is still thrashing hard today, as they did this very night for the first time in Vancouver, BC! The stage presence of the band is very high energy. Full of mic stand twirls, head banging and outrageous jumping off amps, they put on a vicious performance.

After such a killer and almost unbeatable performance from Death Angel, it was Soilwork’s turn to hit the stage. Vocalist Speed yelled with the crowd, who went chaotic with energy, while the drums blasted away. Once the first song started to play, fans instantly created a mosh pit and crowd surfing like mad. The Swedish metallers played very well and very clean. Personally, their music is a little too modern for my tastes, but their presence and skills were phenomenal nonetheless. This tour was in support of their latest album, “The Panic Broadcast”, which was released this summer. Most songs were off the new album, but they also brought out some of the classics from their Scandinavian homeland. Soilwork are the living embodiment that propitious acts can turn out to modernize the face of music.

Death Angel

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