December 1, 2022

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Sladen Ibrahimovic owns a ‘Mexican jewelry’ for his son

Sladen reacts in some respects with Efron Alvarez, both players leaving their home too young and their talent defines them on the pitch

Efron Alvarez received a collection from Milan, Italy a few months ago, which became the “second father” of Sladen striker Sladen Ibrahimovic, who wrapped him up while he was in the LA Galaxy. The Mexican American, who is now concentrated with the Mexican national team, agrees with his blood father Crescencio Alvarez.

“Sladen is a good man. I am grateful to that man because to us he was like Ephraim’s second father because he taught her a lot, he was a guy who left home, he became a professional, he learned a lot. He is a very professional person and I am grateful to him. I do not know what my boy has, but now he is in Milan, and despite frequent phone conversations with them, they are still in touch. I sent him his autograph shirt about five or six months ago, and when he left, the Galaxy gave him the shoes he had signed. Father Crescencio Alvarez said ESPN Digital.

Sladen Ibrahimovic, now in Calcio, matched Ephra Alvarez in the Los Angeles Galaxy. Away from the Swedish elite, he played in 58 games with the MLS between 2018-2019; Enough to be the idol of the North American Championship and to befriend Mexico and the United States fighter.

“My son is happy in life, because at that age a boy was playing with a monster like Sloton. Imagine what he could do and what it was like for him. Is something no one expected, ”said midfielder’s father, Crescenzo Alvarez.

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The Swedish striker, while in Los Angeles, promised that “Efra Alvarez is the greatest talent in the MLS” when the young man was 17 years old. Now, at home in the U-17 world runner-up with the triangle, he promises that the unsuitable Swede who plays for Milan is “like his second father”.