Six Gun – DVD Review


Six Gun

The Western is a lost art. I can remember my dad sitting there watching a different Western almost every day on those “darn cable channels". His biggest complaint was that they were always the same old movies with only a few that he hadn’t seen before. Western movies just aren’t the big blockbusters that they used to be, but there is a market, like my dad, who embrace them when they do come.

Six Gun is a new direct-to-to-video Western directed by Scott Perry and written by Luke Hill. Die-hard movie freaks might have seen Perry’s directorial debut in 1997’s Teenage Catgirls in Heat, which suffered from a low budget, but was big on heart. He improves his skills and tackles the old west well in Six Gun.

In the movie, Tommy Hill (played by Tommy Hill) is a retired bounty-hunter-turned-rancher who is grieving over the loss of his wife. Having turned to the bottle to cope and on the verge of losing his home, he takes the opportunity to relive his glory days after three cowboys turn up dead in the old west town. Tommy joins forces with a ruthless partner in pursuit of the bandit, and they will stop at nothing to collect a ransom.T he duo takes the law into their own hands to avenge the cowboys’ untimely deaths with hopes of riding off into the sunset satisfied.

The story is fairly typical and the settings are your usual Western fare, but in a market that doesn’t pop out many new Westerns, Six Gun is worthy of note and just what my dad ordered.

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