August 20, 2022

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Sivas Vs. It turned out to be another headache for Juventus fans

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The Rojiblancos take on Juventus tonight in a match for the Soccer Champions Tour in the United States.

© Imago7Sivas Vs. Juventus, another headache

Club Guadalajara navigates very turbulent waters just 20 days from the Apertura 2022 tournament. Without wins and just one goal, it’s hard to get excited about a friendly match, no matter how much against a team like that. Juventus has become the most important team in Italian football.

Sacred Heart will play against Vecchia Signora this Friday, July 22 in Las Vegas as part of the Soccer Champions Tour. Other world-class clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City, hence the team led by Ricardo Gadena. I knew before the start of the Liga MX competition how busy these weeks would be.

But they never expected to reach that compromise without victories Some options should start ringing with many doubts within the command If the boat is not straightened in the following races, so ahead Juve are not in the best spirits and are less confident that they will get a good resultAlthough it was only a friendly fight anyway.

Sivas Vs. New headache for Juventus fans

During the wars against America Manchester City and Barcelona went through TUDN. It has any mode of payment, this Sivas meeting And Turin can only be followed on SKY, which is once again out Atletico supporters trick to watch Flock duels.

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How excited are you for the game against Juventus?

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First it was with the Afizzionados channel, then with Vix and Vix+, which already cost 120 pesos per month and Now a simple friendly Sivas game can only be watched on SKY. All of Tabatios’ games are those moments They went on open television, Imevisi√≥n (today Tv Azteca) or Televisa.

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