May 23, 2022

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Sivas burns: Alexis Vega and Ricardo Cadena attacked after defeat against Atlas in Guadalajara

Alexis Vega and Ricardo Cadena were attacked by Chivas de Guadalajara after losing to Clasico Dapatio in Mexico.

A new Clasico Dapatio has come into our lives, which is why Sivas de Guadalajara and Atlas met at the Agron Stadium to see which of the two will start favorably before the next game to be played in Mexico.

Angel Marquez scored 2-1 for Atlas. Christian Calderon, on the other hand, was responsible for scoring an honorable goal for Ricardo Cadena’s team, one of the most criticized elements in the social network, as far as the Holy Flock is concerned.

“The first failure of the Ricardo chain led to the death of Caesar Hurta”, Said a follower criticizing Sivas’ interim coach.

“Ricardo Cadena did not know how to play in the league, his chest was frozen and he could not understand the cunning Aglas playing Shivas, so he had nothing to win in Jalisco,” said another follower.

“Shake and drop the clouds at the right time, because you have a second leg to fix. Now yes, see what these Sivas are doing on Sunday and see if Ricardo Cadena really deserves to continue as DD.”Another follower of the herd on Twitter was sentenced.

Alexis Vega is another critic of Classico Dapatio

“If Alexis Vega had played Shivas, he would have scored easily”, A follower on social networks noted how low the participation of the Mexican striker was.

“That’s what Alexis Vega, who we do not want in Chivas, will lie about the injuries when he sees the game being rude. It will not hurt him. Kadena beat Torres badly.

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“Alexis Vega’s terrible game. Disconnected, not focused. Bad,” another follower said on social media after watching how his team fell into the hands of champion Atlas.