December 10, 2022

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Situation in Colombia today: One minute by one

Various celebrities from Colombia and around the world have spoken about the situation in Colombia:

Justin Bieber on Instagram:

Not sure about the programs and outs for what’s going on, but now you can clearly see the chaos in Colombia! Keep the people of Colombia in your prayers

Shakira on Twitter:

It is unacceptable for a mother to lose her only child to cruelty. Another 18 have taken their lives in a peaceful struggle. (1/3)

Jay Pauline and Twitter:

When we regain our composure, we will regain La Paz. . But our dead are never. No violence. !!!

Carlos Views on Twitter:

What is happening in Colombia is very serious. I make an urgent call to respect life!

Radamel Balkov on Twitter:

As for the situation in Colombia, I reject any action that violates human rights. I do not call for any violence and I demand that the right to peaceful protest be respected.

Garbage group:

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Col **** What’s going on in Colombia !? It seems to me from the outside that this is a very confusing situation! “

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