December 7, 2022

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Singer ‘Marciano’ Cantero of Enanitos Verdes has died

Horacio “Marciano” Cantero, singer of Enanitos Verdes, died this Thursday, September 8, they report. International media. He is 62 years old.

The singer spent more than a week in intensive care at a private clinic in Mendoza, Argentina.

He reportedly underwent emergency surgery and had a kidney and part of his spleen removed Clarion From Argentina.

“Unfortunately he couldn’t overcome the problems. I want to personally thank all the fans, all the friends in life, the family, all the prayers and support we received these days,” “Marciano” son Javier Cantero told media in his country.

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Cantero, a bassist in a rock band that has been on stage for more than four decades, began feeling unwell on August 29 when he was admitted to the Cuyo Clinic in Mendoza, where he had been living since 2017.

Close friends of the artist commented Page 12 From Argentina He had kidney problem for a long time.

Green dwarfs One of the most famous rock bands in the Spanish language. It currently has over 8 million monthly listeners and according to Spotify, its most popular tune is “Lamento Boliviano”.

“Marciano” is the founder, singer and composer of the band formed in 1979. They had completed part of the tour in Latin America and the United States. In October and November they planned more dates in Mexico and some US cities.

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A ‘Tuesday’ is the most sought after in the industry.

Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández (his full name) is the singer and leader of the Argentine rock group Enanitos Verdes.

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According to El Clair newspaper, Hernández “took his first steps in Mendoza together with guitarist Felipe Stati and drummer Daniel Piccolo. Together, at the end of the 70s they became the most popular band in Mendoza and decided to try their luck in Buenos Aires.

A friendly, humble man with a great sense of humor, affectionately known by his friends and family as “Marciano”, he became a rock icon in the Spanish language along with his fellow Enanitos Verdes.

The band’s biggest blow to fame came with their second studio album. time rehearsal, From this came classics such as “La Muralla Verde”, “Cada Vez Que Tico Adios” and “Dus Viejas Cardas”, which traveled throughout Latin America and became a hit in Mexico.

After the recent coronavirus pandemic, the Green Enemies were set to resume their international anniversary tour, which marked their 40th anniversary.

Last April they stunned their Mexican fans with a sold-out concert at the National Auditorium.

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