December 1, 2022

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Simon Piles, the first athlete with his own emoji

American gymnast Simon Byles has been recognized by social networking site Twitter with his own emoji, a red jersey-wearing goat and a gold medal around his neck.

He was the first athlete to receive this distinction, a tribute from the network to “his legacy, his achievements and his use of the stage,” in which Piles is very active.

The word ‘goat’ in English stands for GOAT (‘the best of all time’, the best in history), commonly used to refer to the best athletes on the networks, such as Hussein Bolt or Roger Federer.

From today, when you write the hashtag #Simon or #SimonPiles on Twitter, a goat with the red equipment and gold medal on the chest that the gymnast often wears will automatically appear next to a ‘split’.

Byles himself, who won four gold medals and one bronze at the 2016 Rio Games, is a 25-world medalist, 19 of whom have won gold, sometimes wearing a goat in his competitive tites.

All of the athletes who have so far provided their own emojis on Twitter like American footballers Pat Mahoms or Tom Brady are men.

Simon Piles will begin competing in the team qualifying round at the Tokyo tournament next Sunday.

The U.S. delegation announced this Wednesday that Piles and his team will not be staying in the Olympic Village, but in a hotel, as a preventive measure against Govt-19.