December 7, 2022

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Simon Piles returns with a bronze medal in the balance beam

Simons Piles carried on his routine with confidence in the balance beam.

American Simon Piles, one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, won a bronze medal in the balance beam at the Tokyo Games.

Piles, who starred in the Rio 2016 Games, withdrew from previous individual and team competitions due to a mental disorder known as lass. twisties, The position in which the gymnasts misalign the wheels while in the air.

The 24-year-old gymnast has not competed in the overall team final since last week, in which he jumped on a trust before retiring, saying he needed to focus on mental health.

With the usual confidence in the device, Piles received a score of 14,000.

At last he released a smile, in contrast to the difficult week.

The gold medal went to Chinese Shenzhen Kuan, With 14,633 points, and Friday with 14,233 points, went to his home country Jijing Tank.

He shared a warmth with Tang Piles, whose name was praised when he was announced as the bronze medalist.

Simon Piles with a bronze medal at Tokyo 2020

Piles holds seven Olympic medals, which he shares with Shannon Miller as the most decorated American gymnast at the Olympics.

With that medal he adds seven Olympic medals, which is equivalent to Shannon Miller America’s most decorated gymnast at the Olympics.

His record is that he won bronze in Rio five years ago.

A gold fold with a bronze medal

Tamara Gill, Special Envoy to Tokyo

If this Olympics is complicated by Govt-19 restrictions and other regulatory measures, the return of Simon Piles is an almost impossible event.

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The expectation was high And from the street that had already led to the blockade it was clear with reinforced security and an accurate procedure for verifying the credentials of each visitor; Some for such a big event.

The audience undoubtedly waited for Piles, only for him: he stood up at the entrance of the path, cheered as he approached the bar and held his breath at each exercise, clapping relentlessly as he finished the exercise.

She entered quietly with a smile and was constantly supported by her equipment, That he did not stop hugging her.

His face changed in anticipation of the score, where, first looking second and then third on the stage, he frowned and immediately greeted the Chinese, Shenzhen Kuan and Xinjing Tang who passed him.

Quan and Tang, With 16 and 18 year oldsThey topped the stage, but Piles Piles … and the public at the Tokyo Gymnastics Center – and those who cheered her on from all over the world – said her return was golden.

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