June 26, 2022

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Simon also drops the Piles jump and bar finals

The alert for Simon Piles has already been sent to ‘Deaf with Do’ status. Awesome gymnast He will also not compete in Sunday’s Olympic instrument finals at Ariak Gymnastics. Thus he abandons the asymmetry and abandons a discipline that is not his highlight, and he gets one of the highest revenues, where he sees flying piles. But in Tokyo, Simon lives with his head held high, removing the ‘demons’ of anxiety., Which already knocked him out of the team final and full match.

Piles admitted it Friday I constantly enjoyed ‘Twists’ and you never knew exactly where you wereIt’s like getting lost in the air when you’re on a plane. A common term in gymnastic slang in the United States. Lost is called in Spain. “If you are above or below you can not really distinguish. My mind and my body are out of sync, ”Simon said in an Instagram story. In which he was seen collapsing on a soft mat during asymmetrical training.

The irregular exercise displayed on the social network is very descriptive: “I don’t want to think about how dangerous it would be if it happened on a hard surface. That is why mental health is closely linked to physical health. “However, Piles has made his problem public, which shows his courage and has received a lot of support from the sports world. In a totem like Michael Phelps, he faced the Olympic “mental challenge”. “His answer is megacross,” says psychologist Pablo del Rio.

Piles, during the gymnastics final, at Ariak Gymnastics.

“Today, after a consultation with the medical team, Simon Piles has decided to give up both asymmetrical and jumping, ”explained American Gymnastics. In a statement, it continued: “The ground and balance beam will be continuously evaluated to determine whether or not it will compete in the finals.”

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Skinner will be an alternative for you

USA Gymnastics Piles announced to be replaced McClellan Skinner was the fourth best scorer in the category, in the final tab. He will be on the USA team with Jade Carey. Without Piles, one of the favorites is the Brazilian Rebecca Andrade.

“We are still amazed with Simon, One who continues to handle this situation with courage and compassionAnd to all the gymnasts who have progressed in these unforeseen circumstances, ”concluded the report of the American Federation.

In these games, Simon Byles wanted the undeniable queen, especially when he qualified for the finals for everything, he wanted six Olympic medals. But the stress, the stress, the anxiety, the “demons” … hit her. In the bar and floor finals, it has the last chance to compete where it rules. Iran day by day … the world is still watching the piles.