May 18, 2022

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Shivas remains on the public table until the end of the 15th day with a win over Tijuana

El Repano continues to rise under the command of coach Ricardo Cadena, who, after defeating Xolos de Tijuana, has been looking for a ticket to the reclassification.

Chivas is coming off this 2022 first-ever saining success
© Figure 7Chivas is coming off this 2022 first-ever saining success

Marcelo Liano has left the technical management of the club Guadalajara Has turned out much more favorably than expected Together with Ricardo Cadena they finished seventh with two valuable wins. Fully involved in the struggle for repechage They continue to climb the ranks in the general schedule for the 2022 final.

With the fights that took place at the start of the game on the 15th of this Tuesday night Xolos de Tijuana defeated 2-1 With good notes by Jesus Anglo and Pavel Perez, directed by Ricardo Cadena They are currently within 12 locations, with Querétaro Vs. Cruz Azul are waiting for the end of the match, which will lower the curtain on the date, but will keep them in the fight with 20 points.

Before facing Cruz Asula, Chivas has not won in the last four games Last weekend, in addition They do not know what it is like to combine two consecutive victories after Victor Manuel Vusetic. He was on the bench in the previous campaign. Throughout Clausura 2022 they have already won 20 games in five games to harvest Those who revived them who tried to accomplish the first purpose at the start of the season.

This is the status quo of Clausura 2022

Guadalajara was a busy April with games once every three days. Where there will be only one task Get a ticket to the playoffs or at least Repechage, for now Outlook is very encouraging. For the people of Guadalajara, the plan is very clear that they need to win at least one of the remaining two games to think about engaging in reclassification against Poomas and Nexus.

Against Sivas. UNAM Pumas: When and where to watch the match on the 16th?

Guadalajara pays tribute to university students on Saturday, April 23rd They will try to get another three points needed to be called up for the rematch in another crucial match, which starts at 9:00 pm at Akron Stadium. The meeting will be televised on Azteca, TUDN and Chivas TV. You can follow all the details while staying at Rebaño Pasión.

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