May 20, 2022

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Shivas danced to the puma and confirmed the faith

Thanks to Champagne Soccer with Ricardo Cadena Shivas was revived in 2022 by Klasura And their added Third consecutive win, beating Poomas 3-1 Of UNAM, “present” and Will be confirmed at the final stage.

The best news for Mexican football, The Guadalajara carries everything to the titleHe did so by playing well against A, as he qualified The university team that destroyed the Guadalajara from the field.

Alexis is the Vega engine Among the Rojiblanco players, Chivas scored 23 points Ranked seventh in a short time; Now that would be a thing Close the competition to visit Nexus One must aspire Excellent condition on the last day Completion 2022.

Cookers They have come incomplete, and they have been added The second failure in a row And because there will be some time to get Andres Lillini back to his players Wednesday They play Concacaf Champions League Final First Leg Against Sounders in Seattle.

With Katena Sivas he found order and goals They did so one night, where they climbed the scoreboard very quickly.

Ran Minute 11 Y Vega won 1-0 To Guadalajara. It’s a Good play In which Jesus Anglo and Roberto Alvarado attendedThe latter dropped the ball AlexisWhat Between 4 UNAM soldiers Defined Open the score at Akron Stadium.

CookersSuffered from the deaths of Juan Dinenno and Lionel Lopez, Tried A shot from 21 ‘ The valley of Arturo Artis has passed.

Alexis went doubles And 27 ‘he did a Powerful shot by Alfredo Talavera At least proceed with the advantage of Shiva.

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Before the break, Sebastian Sousido put in a good performance on the ball which looked like a tieAnd went Miguel Jimenez Who reached Avoid the target Of cookers.

A minute later it came to Sivas, Alvarado won 2-0 Anglo left it in a play AlexisWho drove the ball and He was wearing it “Louse” within the defined area.

Already in the second half, Saseto tried to get closer to UNAM Again ‘Aha ‘ For Save the Sivas At 46 ‘.

It was up 58 ‘when Poomas scored.. Jose Rogerio di Oliveira With one Powerful shot Was in charge Give life to those at UNAM A Great move In which Favio Alvarez He gave in to Takito.

Admission is never celebrated and completed Anglo won 3-1 at 60 ‘. ‘Canelo’ retrieves the ball at the exit of the university students, creates a space for himself and releases the blow. Instep to beat Talavera.

In the final sectionVega was confident with a shot at 86, which was hilarious with the perfect post Talavera’s goal.

The minutes continued Shivas dominated and won the gold without any extra effort.