May 19, 2022

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Shivas blames the media for ‘creating a hostile climate’; Networks connect them

Mexico City /

The Sivas They have already found the culprits of the demonstration and violence that erupted tonight at their concentration camp in Mexico City: Press.

After the new eruption of violence between animated groups and MX LeagueClub Guadalajara Told three media outlets Create a hostile environmentAlthough fans immersed themselves in them on social networks.

We strongly condemn the attacks Tonight, both Fake entertainers Who were such prominent actors The media It helped to create a hostile environment with their tabloid and provocative headlines from the beginning, ā€¯Shivas posted on social media.

In the latter case, fans were asked to take responsibility for the bad results Bad game moment The club lives.

Las Sivas is a busy day, because inside Guadalajara They decided to go out through the school facilities I will study To prevent the demonstration of a group of followers.

already present Mexico CityThere were members of their animation crews at the Concentration Hotel where they protested, where everything was out of control.

And elements like this Antonio Priceno They approached the fans, some slammed the door; They damaged the front door of the hotel and for a few minutes things got hot.

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Finally everything was quiet Shivas condemned the actAnd used the opportunity to accuse the press.