November 28, 2022

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Shiomara Castro consolidates his advantage to become Honduras’ next president | International

Official information in Honduras indicates that left-wing candidate Xiomara Castro will be the new president of the country, with a majority of almost 20 points and 46% more than Nasry Asfrura. However, the Conservative candidate has also been declared the winner of the election. As the country faces the expected turn of the left, thousands of people took to the streets of Tegucigalpa to celebrate the by-election results with a high turnout, which has surpassed 68%. According to official figures, Castro will receive 53.5% of the vote, 33.8% for Asfura and 9.2% for Liberal candidate Yanni Rosenthal.

“Twelve years …”, Castro said in his first words to his supporters, referring to the coup that ousted her husband Manuel Zelaya in 2009. In his speech, Castro said he had “no enemies” and had already “stretched out his hand to other parties” in a message already in presidential form, pointing to a few lines of what might be. His government, if victory is guaranteed. Castro has vowed to put an end to the “continuation” and “dictatorship” of the people, to declare political reform for “participation and direct democracy” for the “just homeland” and to restore his old promise to the Constituent Assembly. Castro promised that his victory would end the “corruption, drug trafficking and murderous forces.” In some of her feminist references, she promises that “he will not fail women” and that “what women want most: children and childhood” needs their respect.

Honduras followed suit with general tension over important elections facing a country model change. Shortly before the official results were announced, the left-wing candidate and Conservative announced victory on all television and social media shortly after the polls closed. Both declarations declared a false equality in the removal of official data. In their attempt to impose a story, the applicants entered the realm of surrealism when their teams declared themselves winners at 11 a.m. (local time), referring to the “credible” votes at their disposal. At the time, voting had not been open for several hours.

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Despite specific complaints about the complicated voting system and full of locks to prevent fraud, patience and the need for the internet and technology to function properly is not always easy in many parts of Honduras. The turnout, over 68%, marks a milestone in young Honduran democracy and is legitimate for Siomaro Castro’s victory.

On the opposite sidewalk, despite the strong decision, the National Party played distracting during the day. A few minutes after 5pm, the official party posted on its Twitter account: “We are winning. Dad to order [como se conoce a Asfura]. Cachurecos, let’s take care and protect our votes! ”. Half an hour later, President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s party reaffirmed its position: “We won, we have a president.”

Supporters of the Independent (Independent) presidential candidate Xiomara Castro celebrate the end of General Election Day in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.Getty Images

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More than five million Hondurans, 70% of whom are under the age of 39, were invited to vote in a tense situation to elect a new president, 128 delegates and mayors. The country of 10 million people chose between two hostile paths, the left of Castro and the conservative model of the famous mayor Nasri Asfura. Castro leads a party close to Cuba and Venezuela, which proposes to legalize minimum abortion and extend social programs. His proposal reflects the fatigue of a weary country that daily expels its youth in massive caravans. For his part, the mayor of Tegucigalpa portrayed himself as a man close to the people, who, like the capital, set out to modernize the country by public works. Until the last day his campaign referred to Siomara Castro with the slogan “work, work and work” and “homeland yes, no communism”.

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