November 30, 2022

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Several floods were recorded in New York before Hurricane Elsa’s approach

Several subway stations in New York were flooded Thursday and major roads were closed, The arrival of Hurricane Elsa threatened new floods on Friday.

5 to 10 cm of water fell during a series of storms in New York In its region on Thursday afternoon, the NWS Weather Service said it had “caused flooding in some places.”

Metro users posted videos of some of the stations flooded on Twitter. In one, people were seen in the water deep at the waist, trying to cross a black pool to reach the platforms.

“Line 1 and a lot of flooding at a registered (..) station”, Sarah Feynberg, executive chairman of the New York Public Transportation Authority MDA, agreed at a news conference Thursday night.

Some highway axles, especially in the Bronx, were temporarily closed, causing traffic problems when leaving work.

The NWS has warned that new floods could occur until Friday morning as heavy rains are expected in the northeastern United States, which has already been pushed through the Caribbean and Florida by Hurricane Elsa.

Rain in New York

Located 200 km west-southwest of Elsa Norfolk (Virginia) and about 485 km from New Jersey, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) points out in its bulletin.

The system is moving in a northeasterly direction at a speed of 33 kilometers per hour.

On the east coast of the United States, a large swamp that runs from the South Sandy River in South Carolina to the Sandy Hook in New Jersey is under storm surveillance from Elsa, with its tropical-storm-force winds of up to 260 kilometers per hour from its center.

Floods hit New York as Hurricane Elsa approached
Floods hit New York as Hurricane Elsa approached

Hurricane Elsa made landfall Wednesday in Taylor County on the northwest coast of Florida, continuing into East Georgia that day, where some hurricanes were reported, with rain still expected on Friday.

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According to the Jacksonville Fire Department in northeastern Florida, one person died on the road when a tree uprooted by the storm fell on top of his vehicle.

A hurricane was recorded at the submarine Kings Bay naval base in southeastern Georgia, injuring at least a dozen people, some of whom had to be transferred to medical centers, but nothing seriously, a Scott site spokesman said. News to Basset NBC.

(With information from AFP)

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