September 30, 2022

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Sergio “Seco” Perez made history at the Mexican Grand Prix

(CNN Español) – Sergio “Seco” Perez finished third after a tight race at the Mexican Grand Prix this Sunday, in which he battled it out from first rounds with British driver Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

So Hamilton took second place and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen took first place at the Grand Prix.

With third place, “Seco” Perez made history by becoming the first Mexican Formula 1 driver to reach the stage at the Mexican Grand Prix.

“Red Bull driver Max Verstappen achieved his third victory at the Mexican Grand Prix. He mentioned Formula 1 on his website.

Verstappen started in third place, but within seconds of the race the Dutch driver took first place. From that moment on, the Red Bull driver did not give up that position until he won the Mexican Grand Prix.

Verstappen’s lead was so high that he took 16.55 seconds from second place Hamilton and 17.75 seconds from third “Seco” Perez. His total running time was 1 hour 38 minutes 39.086 seconds.

Verstappen continues to lead the driving championship with 312.5 points; Hamilton followed by 293.5; In third place is Valteri Potas (Mercedes) with 185 points.

Meanwhile, the Constructors’ Championship is tight: Mercedes is in first place with 478.5 points and Red Bull is in second place with 477.5 points.

The incredible pinata of ‘Sego’ Perez’s car 1:03