December 7, 2022

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Senior Buccaneer officials and the media say the U.S. links are corrupt

San Salvador, El Salvador.

Various local media outlets reported on Monday that a classified document from the US State Department linked senior officials of Naib Bukelin’s Salvador administration and other Central American politicians to corruption and drug trafficking.

El Foro, El Diario de Hoi and Press An extract from a classified report released on May 4 stated that it “refers to the names of senior government officials believed to have committed or facilitated corruption or drug trafficking.”

Among those mentioned was the most famous, Carolina Resinos, the head of Buckle’s cabinet Salvador is close to the president.

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The document, published by El Foro on social media, states that Resinos was involved in “significant corruption during his reign.”

It also means that Rogelio Rivas, who stepped down as defense minister in mid-March, would have awarded contracts to a company on his property to build police stations and other buildings depending on his position. With elevated costs.

Among those accused of possible corruption was Guillermo Galligos, a deputy and member of the legislature’s board of directors and the party’s influential leader who brought Buchale to the presidency in 2019, right-wing. Grand Alliance for National Unity (Ghana).

Similarly, the report presents the statement of Jose Luis Merino, a former deputy foreign minister, former guerrilla and one of the key leaders of the left-wing Farabundo Martே National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Despite being a member of the party that ousted Buckley in 2017, Douglas Farah, an American adviser and journalist, noted in a September 2020 report that McKenzie Buckley had ties to the government.

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In July 2016, former Attorney General Douglas Melandes (2015-2018) revealed that Merino, known as “Ramiro” during the Civil War (1980-1992), had been under investigation since 2014 for smuggling drugs and weapons with the Colombian guerrilla FRC.

Another of the nominees is Sikfrido Reyes, a former Speaker of the FMLN Legislature and is currently under investigation on corruption charges.


To questions from the international press about any of the comments on the list, a link to the Government Communications Secretariat, via the WhatsApp application, shared President Buccaneer’s tweet about corruption allegations in the opposition Nationalist Republican Alliance (Sand).

“The ‘friends’ say that they have checked all the files and information they already have and that there is no corruption in the arena, not a single method,” he tweeted without directly mentioning the list.

He added: “They will reconsider in the future, but they believe they are all saints. That is why they insist that we return them to power for the saints.”

Relations between El Salvador and the United States have not been excellent since real estate tycoon Donald Trump left the US administration, which he considered “nice and cool”.

Tensions escalated after the legislature, with a pro-government majority, voted to remove five judges from the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber (CSJ) and the attorney general.

The list is “part of a 90-day report of corrupt officials in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, which was sent to Congress in April 2021.” Press release and disseminated copy.

The US Embassy consulted on the classification of the above document.

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“The U.S. embassy is aware that this report was sent to Congress without mentioning a specific statement or specific individuals. This is a private communication between the State Department and Congress, not the public,” said Anita Haas, a spokeswoman for the embassy.