November 28, 2022

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Senate Democrats present Plan C on immigration reform to Member of Parliament | Univision Immigration News

Includes a clause creating a new plan for the approximately 7 million undocumented persons who were in the country prior to January 1, 2011, who will be eligible for temporary protection of deportation, work permit and repatriation recognition. Same position.

The scheme further states that after five years of benefit, migrants will be able to avail certain public benefits such as medical insurance (medical assistance).

Democratic sources who spoke to UNIVERSE NOTICIES demanded that their names be kept confidential, saying they were “confident” of a positive response. Also, if not accepted, “Allow changes to be added to the C plan.”

In a bid to avoid a third pushback, a group of aides and advisers to the Senate Democratic leadership met informally last week with McDonough to show him Plan C and point out differences with the other two abandoned bills.

“This is an informal appointment before Plan C is formally issued this Wednesday,” Leah Barada, attorney general for legislative affairs for the immigration center, told Univision Notices, an organization that works with the Senate. Included in President Joe Biden’s Social Expenditure Budget.

The parliamentarian has twice rejected attempts by Democrats to include in the reconciliation package a way to legalize about 8 million undocumented immigrants. McDonough argues that legalization will increase the deficit by about $ 140 billion over 10 years, with the result that the security web and benefit programs will be accessible to formalized immigrants.

“We hope that this time (Member of Parliament) will give details of their position on Plan C and find out what they think about the proposed deportation protections and additional temporary benefits.”

“We hope he will like further changes to the plan this time and add them before the final comment. We hope you will provide us with a guide to the final form with all the details at the end of today’s meeting. We will meet with her again when its writing is complete.”

According to the Senate calendar, discussions on the social spending plan will begin in the week of December 14th. Asked about the deadline for approving the relocation plan, Barada said, “We still have time.”

“If McDonough demands changes to the plan, we will immediately work with lawyers and legislators to make the changes,” he said.

If the MP does not make recommendations this Wednesday, “it will take about 48 hours to respond,” the lawyer said. “But today we can make last-minute changes to his analysis of Plan C and it can be approved.”

MacDonough has rejected two proposals submitted by Democrats so far: The Project a, Based on the bills of March 18, and will be called Project bProposed to amend the Old Testament Registration Act of the Immigration Act, which allowed undocumented persons in the United States to qualify for residency from January 1, 1972. The proposal recommended that the date be changed to January 1, 2010.

Both denials forced Democrats to legislate permanently, which was one of Biden’s key campaign promises, and to choose a better plan, such as the DACA and the TPS, but with legislative support.

From the outset of the negotiations to include the immigration issue in the Reconciliation package, ‚Äúsenators (Democrats) have been working to find a solution that meets the needs of parliamentarians and protects many immigrant families. Possible “.

The Reconciliation Package is a legal source in the Senate that was instrumental in the republic’s rejection of the instrument.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans have 50 votes each. Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tiebreaker.