July 6, 2022

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Seiko Perez pointed out that Max Verstappen did not reclaim that position

Seko Perez explained that when Verstappen had to pass him, the Dutchman did not do it and damaged the strategy.

Mexican Czech Perez Then he shared his annoyance Spanish Grand PrixThen the pilot Red bull Pointed out that Max Verstappen He did not follow the team order that would benefit him in the race.

Czech Perez He finished second in the Circuit de Catalunya, but remembered that the lap 27 Max had to let him pass, and it did not happen, so he could not fight for second place. George Russell.

“The only thing that surprised me was a little bit at the beginning of the race. I gave him the post (on lap 11) and then he said he would give it back to me. These are things we need to talk about internally, things we need to talk about,” he told the media at the end of the event.

Seko recalled at the time that “he had more rhythm because he was in the new tires,” so he had the potential to climb into two leagues and make a significant change at the end of the match.

Czech Perez “I could not miss those seconds, they hurt me to compete with Max’s three-stop strategy. We made no mistake, there was only reliability, today it was a good result for everyone.

“Undoubtedly you surprise a lot of things, it hurts. You feel you did things better, and the three-stop strategy was very competitive and I needed a window to get my strategy out there and work my strategy out there,” he added.

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With 18 points scored in the race and an extra point on the fast lap, Perez noted, “These are important points for the championship and the builders. In the end, the problem of credibility lies with others. You have to be able to take advantage of the mistakes that others make. Ferrari There was speed to pass, and we waited Monaco Be competitive. “