May 19, 2022

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Seiko Perez finished second in the Australian GB

Seiko Perez overtook Mercedes and rhythmically took his stage at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne.

Mexican Czech Perez He reached his first stage by finishing second in the season Australian Grand PrixAmong a dominant race Charles Lecklerk And a bitter taste from withdrawal Max Verstappen.

Czech Perez Not the best start to the race, because at the moment of seeing the green lights Guadalajara Accelerated in a good way, but was ahead Max Verstappen, Who prevented his partner from starting better. This action created a space in the middle of the path Lewis HamiltonTwo levels came back and surpassed the man from Guadalajara.

Czech Perez Stayed nearby Mercedes And it was on the 10th lap that he went through and inside the third corner and regained third place on the tenth lap.

Czech Perez He complained that the left side of the front tire had lost speed and after imposing conditions Lewis HamiltonThe Englishman competed with him and overtook him on the 20th lap.

Seko had to do the bit on the 21st lap, two laps later Hamilton did the same and came out in front of the driver. Red bull. The fight for fourth place went to the Mexican advantage because he had two rounds of hot rubber on the track and finished fifth, overtaking the English at the age of nine.

Because 23 yellow flags appeared on the same lap Sebastian Cut Crashed and withdrew from the race, leaving Cecco and Hamilton behind George Russell And Fernando Alonso.

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The resumption of the race brought with it exciting battles in the first half of the phase. After Seko struggled and pressed two rounds, he overtook Fernando Alonso Work on the lap 30 and go George RussellWho was in third place.

The fight for third place turned into a fight between Chekhov and Russell as they tried to defend the position against RB18, but Mercedes He pointed out to the Englishman that there was no point in defending the post and that it would cause further tire wear. George folded his arms and allowed Mexico to cross.

The bet turned in favor of the Mexican, but a tough blow Red bullBecause at 39 lap Max Verstappen stopped on the side of the road with a fireball in the smoke and fire, thus giving up second place. Czech Perez.

Perez moved towards a solid platform and rolled without setbacks, although Russell was close to 2.9 seconds, but he had no problems. Seko accelerated, finally had time to make fun of his engineer, and asked if he was still awake.

In the end Seko added 18 points and was placed above Max Verstappen in the driving championship.