November 30, 2022

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Seiko Perez finished 11th in the second inning; Verstappen is very fast

Seiko Perez chased his teammate for a second; A distinct difference between Red Bull drivers

Mexican Czech Perez Finished in eleventh place in Exercise 2 Canadian Grand PrixA session he worked on in Guadalajara to eliminate RB18’s ‘porpoising’.

From the first outsiders Max Verstappen Made the best timing with a medium tire 1: 15.096 Czech Perez He finished third in the first minutes and was 8-for-10 against his partner.

The second session had some surprises Aston-Martin Within the first five places and Fernando Alonso In fourth place.

Czech Perez He stopped fighting during the first half hour of the session for first places due to aerodynamics and configuration work he worked with his team.

Seco was eighth and ran with a time of 1:15, 1.1 seconds faster than Verstappen Guadalajara.

The Mexican and his engineers worked this Friday to remedy the devastation they experienced a week ago and this sentencing Chekhov. பாகு Not to take success.

The man from Guadalajara managed 1: 18,500 in long runs with a high fuel load, which made clear the work he did in the second hour of the afternoon because they also used paraffin on the wings of the Guadalajara man.

The Mexican finished eleventh with a difference of 1,040 seconds from the leader. Max Verstappen And letting Ferrari Will fight for the first places against the Dutch.

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