November 30, 2022

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Second Eclipse The 2022 season is approaching: a Full lunar eclipse It will capture the sky from the night of May 15th to the early morning of the 16th.

According to experts, such a full lunar eclipse will not be experienced again in South America and Spain. March 2025.

And there is one True Shocking: At this time the moon will dye red, which will change it to a “Blood Moon”. Also, we can see The naked eyeWithout the need for glass or special tools.

During an eclipse, the moon appears bright red. Photo: EFE

Lunar Eclipse: What is a Lunar Eclipse?

The நிலா Our planet orbits once every 29 days, and as it orbits the Earth, its position relative to the Sun occurs. Change phase.

Lunar eclipse is a Astronomical phenomenon What happens when the earth comes between the sun and the moon? நிலா And creates a The shadow cone that obscures our natural satellite.

The Lunar eclipses Can only happen when The moon is full. It will happen if the moon passes through a shadowy part of our planet.

The Moon also appears red because the Earth’s atmosphere is bent towards some sunlight and absorbs other colors. In this case, it’s a Full lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse: Lunar eclipse is known where and at what time

A solar eclipse can only be seen from a relatively small part of our planet. Lunar eclipses can be seen at night from anywhere on Earth.

In this case Lunar eclipse, Weather It is known to be found in Antarctica, South and Central America, most of North America, South / Western Europe, South / West Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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In Argentina And Uruguay, The Lunar eclipse It lasts 5 hours and 18 minutes, highlighting the site. Penumbra will start at 22:32 (local time) on May 15. As this first phase the lunar disk will become more opaque, you can only detect some changes in brightness.

At 23:27 the partial eclipse begins, gradually darkening as our satellite turns red. At 0:29 on May 16, a total eclipse begins and the moon is already red. The maximum size would be 1:11The end of the eclipse will be recorded at 3:50 p.m.

May 2022 Detailed Map of the Lunar Eclipse Area Photo: NASA

May 2022 Detailed Map of the Lunar Eclipse Area Photo: NASA

In Chile and Bolivia, due to time zone differences, everything is served an hour in advance. Also in Peru and Colombia, for the same reason, it will be two hours earlier.

In Spain, it runs for 3 hours and 29 minutes. Penumbra will begin on May 16 at 3:32 (local time), partial eclipse at 4:27 and a total eclipse of 5:29. The maximum of the blood moon eclipse will be at 6:11.

In New York, The Lunar eclipse Starting at 9:32 pm, the total will be delivered on Monday at 2:50 am.

For those in Mexico City, the process peaks at 20:32 (local time) and 1:50 Lunar eclipse Total.