September 29, 2022

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See Peru Colombia Qualifying Qatar 2022 Free on the Internet | At the last minute, watch Peru Versus for free. Colombia Live for Qatar 2022 Qualifications | Live Football | Today’s matches | Game Total

Pictures of the Colombian team’s hot match in the previous match against the Peruvian team for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

Check out the best postcards of the Peruvian team’s hot match for the fight against Colombia for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

This is what the national stadium looks like an hour before the start of the match between Peru vs. Colombia to qualify for Qatar 2022.

The lineup of the Peruvian team to face Colombia for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers has been confirmed.

Colombia’s line-up to face Peru for Qatar 2022 qualifiers has been confirmed.

The Peruvian team for the match against Colombia for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers is already on the national field.

Both James Rodriguez and Radamel Balkov congratulated the Colombian team in the pre-match match against Peruvian.

After what was done in the qualifying process for the 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Paulo Guerrero will play his fifth-round Peruvian team.

They also did:
Hector Zambidas (1966-1982)
Flavio Mastery (1994-2010)
Roberto Palacios (1994-2010)
Claudio Pizarro (2002-2018)
Jefferson Forben (2006-2022)

With Bolivia’s victory over Venezuela, the Peruvian team finished last in the table of the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

Colombia’s XI to face Peru at the National Stadium in Lima: Ospina; Munos, Mina, Sanchez, Moreno; Perios, Eurip, Perez, Quadrato; Muriel and Sabada.

Possible alignment of the Peruvian team to face Colombia: Kallis; Corso, Ramos, Abram, Truco; Tobias, Jodon, Advancula, Guerrero, Guava and Guerrero.

All are getting ready at the national stadium in Peru for the crucial fight that Qatar will play for the 2022 qualifiers.

Following the issuance of Resolution 777 by the Ministry of Health and Social Security on June 2, 2021, the Colombian Football Federation states that it has been following all procedures before FIFA and Conmepol, the world’s top organizations, respectively. ., So that on Tuesday, June 8, the public will be able to enter the Roberto Melandes Metropolitan Stadium during the match between the Colombian senior men’s national team from Argentina and its opponent.

It has also been clarified that there will be no ticket sales, as the capacity allowed will be determined only for those who have purchased season tickets prior to the sale in February 2020. The remaining tickets are sponsors and sports duties with players used for commercial duties.

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The treatment given to them by every ticket holder is outside the FCF, which is why we are not responsible.

The Peruvian team showed the status of the national ground just hours before the start of the match between ‘Bickler’ and Colombia for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

Check out the best postcards of the Colombia team training at the National Stadium.

This is how the Colombian team announced its fight against Peru for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

Commenting on the absence of key players on the coffee team, Kareka pointed out: “No one can doubt the quality of James and Falco, but we want to focus on who will replace him.”

Peru’s coach Midfielders Edison Flores and Christopher Gonzalez were both injured on this date.

In the inaugural Peru Asuncion they drew 2-2 against Paraguay, but then added three consecutive defeats: 2-4 against Brazil, 2-0 and Argentina 0-2.

They are joined by Spanish midfielders Renato Tobia of Celta de Vigo, Spain and Mexican champion Joshimer Jotten along with Cruz Azul.

“We have to join and recover,” Kareka said Tuesday. “We already have an idea of ​​what we can find in Colombia [siempre] They were very tough on the Colombian national team because they have the best players, ”D.T.

Kareka will be lined up with a completely offensive squad led by Forward Paulo Guerrero of Inter de Porto Alegre who has not been in the first four dates due to injury.

It also doubles as Italian-Peruvian Gianluca Lapatula, from the Italian series B in Benevento, with ‘Predator’ in training.

This fight marks the return of Colombian coach Reynoldo Ruda to the coffee team, who was called up for the double date with scorer and captain James Rodriguez (England’s Everton), Peru and Argentina “due to injury”.

Historic striker Radamel Balkov (Turkey’s Galatasaray) has been ruled out of the club’s last games due to a back injury.

This is how your visit to Peru lives in Colombia

The need to add points is that without James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao, Peru will face Guerrero and Colombia in the match for the South American qualifiers for Qatar 2022 in Lima this Thursday.

Both teams are located outside the World Cup qualifying zone, in the zone below the table, so they need oxygen to stay alive.

Against Peru. Colombia: Possible Alignments

Peru: Point Kallis – Luis Advancula, Miguel Arazo, Anderson Santamaria, Luis Abrams, Miguel Traco – Renato Tobia, Yoshimir Jotten (Point Aquino), Andre Carrillo, Christian Guava – Paulo Guerrero (Guiana).

Colombia: David Ospina – Stephen Medina, Jerry Mina, Davinson Sanchez, William DeCillo – Mattes Eurip, Wilmer Perios – Juan Guillermo Quadrato, Edwin Cardona, Luis Thias – Duan Zapada.

Peru Versus How and where to look. Colombia?

If you are in Peru, you can watch the match against Colombia by Movistar Deportes y Latina. When competitions take place at the National Stadium in Lima, remember that Latina is responsible for passing all the matches of the Peruvian team through special coverage when they qualify.

If you are in Colombia, you can watch the game against Peru through Carroll TV and Carroll TV Play Signal. It is worth noting that, unlike Peru, in the Colombian territory, this channel is solely responsible for hosting all matches of the team currently run by Reynolds Ruda.

He will face Colombia in a 6-1 defeat to Ecuador on the final day of the Qatar 2022 qualifying round. The ‘triangle’ is in seventh place with 4 points and will try to surprise the Peruvian team. However, coach Ronaldo Ruda could not trust James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao.

At an earlier press conference, Ricardo Carrera spoke of the change in the way we face Colombia: “We must recover together. We analyze the variations that not only the names but also the structure can provide. All this is the reason for the rehearsal, ”the national team coach pointed out.

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In addition, ‘Tigre’ will again feature Paulo Guerrero. After missing the first four rounds of the South American qualifying round for Qatar 2022, Guerrero, 37, is training again with the team and is ready to play in the qualifying fight.

“All he needs is to play. We see that he can take more rhythm in training, and we are exploring the possibility of him starting in qualifying matches, which I have not yet been able to confirm. We hope there are no problems, “said Kareka, referring to Parelo Guerrero.

What a time to see Peru Versus. Colombia by qualifications?

  • Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico: 9:00 p.m.
  • Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia: 10:00 pm.
  • USA: 10:00 pm. (ET) / 7.00 pm (PT)
  • Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay: 23 hrs
  • Spain, Italy, France: 04:00 pm (04/05)

Reynolds Ruda makes his debut for Colombia, which will have to change pace after his last two defeats (3-0 against Uruguay in Barranquilla and 6-1 against Ecuador in Quito) when he lost his place to Portuguese Carlos Guerrero.

He will face a Peruvian team that is at the bottom of the ranks with a point, and if he wants to dream of repeating the record of qualifying for the World Cup, he needs to win, as he did against all odds for Russia-2018.

Against any channel Peru. Colombia?

Movistar Deportes is the channel with the rights to qualify for Qatar 2022 and will be responsible for broadcasting the conflict between the Latin Television, which is responsible for broadcasting the Peruvian team’s matches locally, La Blanquiroja and Colombia. Additionally, you can follow minute by minute through the El Comorcio website.

Ricardo Gareca’s team is final with one point in the Qatar 2022 qualifying round, which will be a win against Colombia. Paulo Guerrero on the Peruvian team will be a reference and goal card in the attack; However, the coffee cast is also ready to put up three points.

good morning! Follow Peru Versus. Live from Columbia National Stadium. You know the last hour news and events via El Comorcio. Review, live and enjoy the 7th day of the Qatar 2022 Qualifying Tournament.