June 30, 2022

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‘Seco’, past Leklerk and Science in last free practice; Alonso, tenth

In the third and final free exercise for the Monaco Grand Prix, in his best of 26 laps, Seco crossed the 3,337-meter distance of the Monte Carlo street roundabout in one minute, 12 seconds and 476 thousand.

Mexican Sergio Perez (Red bull) This set the fastest time this Saturday – in front of Championship President Monaco Charles Lecklerk (Ferrari), And its companion, Spanish Carlos Science– In the third and final free exercise for the seventh Monaco Grand Prix of the World Championships Formula One, It is controversial in the streets of Cote d’Azur.

In his 26 best rounds, ‘CzechHe crossed the 3,337 meters of the Monte Carlo street roundabout in one minute, 12 seconds and 476 thousand, only 41 less than Leklerk – he did two more laps – and 370 ahead – he did the same laps as his partner – the Dutch in one session. Max Verstappen, Last World Champion and World Cup leader – six points ahead of Monacos Ferrari – set fourth; And the other Spaniard, the Double Asturian World Champion Fernando Alonso (Alpine); Tenth. They are all, with a soft tire.

Verstappen24 years old – including Montmelo (Barcelona) He snatched the lead with his fourth win of the year Leklerk, Same age – repeated the track he won 28 times last year. In his best lap, the Dutch star was four-fourths behind the pilot from C டிte d’Azur; One session ended with 27 degrees Celsius and asphalt 52.

AlonsoTwice wins Monaco -In 2006, when he reevaluated his title, with Renault; And in 2007, with McLaren- Marked the tenth time of the last exercise. The Spaniard, who came from the Alpine, was one second behind in his 24 rounds and one tenth behind Leclerc. There was a rehearsal for no major events and some other ‘walks’ in Santa Devoda, among them Science And Canadian Lance Walk; That, in another settlement, without great consequences, hit, his Aston Martin Against the security fence.

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In the narrow streets of Monte Carlo – the most important qualifying session on the shortest and best circuit at the World Championships.