Scorpions Give Fans One Last Monumental Lethal Live Sting





Mann Music Center
Philadelphia, Pa
July 11, 2012
Photos: Steve Trager
The musical career of the scorpions has certainly been whirlwind rock rides reaching four glorious decades for this German export who, have reached an impressive 100 million albums sold world wide, and have collectively wowed fans with their amazing live arena rock size performances captivating a youthful career all in a single clinched fist. We all would like to think many bands will be around for an eternity, sad thing is nothing last for ever, so we all soak up every memorable minute we can get out of any band much like the Scorpions who, are making lasting impressions since they announced in 2010 that this would be their final farewell tour, oddly enough the Scorpions continue to blaze across America in 2012 for what the band says could be their final live sting ever.
While it has been more then a decade since the Scorpions rocked America with one of the greatest live spectacles ever which they have always been best known for as a live touring act, there simply was no better way to see this band one last time, then at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, a venue well known for its rich atmosphere and stellar sound that can often drift through out the parking lots, set the mood for one of the greatest live performances from the Scorpions in 2012. 
As we often think, the Scorpions were just an 80’s iconic rock band that delivered well written rock anthems from several of their back catalogs which have been a signature trademark for this band early on, yet four decades and still managing to rock like they never lost a beat is remarkable. sitting through a bunch of support or special guest bands can over be a dramatic bore not knowing any of their songs, clocking the time till they do a set change or you pull the lets go when the headliner takes the stage, seems to be a great ideal in most cases with shows these days however not the case during the Scorpions final sting run of dates, in the opening slot we the fans enjoyed an hour long set from 80’s rock icons Tesla who, pulled out all the stellar hits that basically put them on the rock map over two decades ago at the show. obviously Tesla has a history with numerous CD’S under their belts, but what was great about their whole set was they just stuck to the majority of the songs fans actually knew from their opening set list which was Cumin’ Atcha Live then going right into 1991’s Edison’s Medicine from Psychotic Supper. like minded fans who loved the 80’s and still do ( like myself ) rediscovering all these great live songs from years past never sounded more freshly polished from Tesla’s set during their most recent summer time performance at the Mann Music Center.

Even with a solid performance like that and very many empty seats, how could many fans not be interested in seeing such a great show like this, it’s like a if you see it, great if you don’t you might kick yourself and wished you did type of attitude. Tesla always sounded great from day one, Jeff Keith still on top of his game vocally and the blistering shared solos from both Frank Hannon and Dave Rude visually give you that monumental over drive in their live set. 

After a short change over, the stage was set for the rumble of the Scorpions to rock Philadelphia one last time. In the early days the Scorpions always had a great stage production and a stellar light show, and today the Scorpions bring that same vision to the forefront with the greatest light show and sound production ever on this tour. The light went down around 9 and the Drum Kit lifted up over the stage and the Scorpions took center stage for a 20 song 2 hour set. 
Their catalog is a prime rollercoaster ride through decades of countless great rock songs that have built this band from the ground up but, there are just a few rock anthems that truly stand out for this band that many fans still remember them by all these years Rock You Like A Hurricane Wind of Change and No One Like You truly represents just how great this band is all these years with just three mega hits. 
Scorpions opened the show with a quick intro then running right into Sting In The Tail which is a great but they seem to never lose site on tossing many of the old favorites fans have come to expect to hear after all, if you are going to go out with one last stellar rock show, might as well throw in the rock anthems that earned them a fits full of greatness as musicians. From a visual stand point, the Scorpions have always wanted to be seen and heard; this tour had one of the best lighting productions to date.
No Scorpions show would be complete without Klaus Mein rumbling out Philadelphia are you with us tonight at the top of his vocals…  defiantly brings back memories of the old arena rock Spectrum days when this band was at a musical pinnacle of their career. This show was nothing less of greatness with Pyrotechnics, beams of lights surrounding the stage and ofcourse the great songs slivered into a 2 hour show what really could any fan ask for then one final sting in a live setting, not to mention some great visual highlights during the show with Rudolf Schenker running around the stage like he’s a 20 something rocker, yeah he’s still got the energy from all those days bottled up and ready to be unleashed with the famous screaming facial expressions while shredding through all those Gibson classic flying  V guitars, and the great drum solo by James Kottak in mid point of their show with the riser being lifted up off the center of the stage.
Yeah defiantly the band has dramatically aged like a fine wine, some say Klaus Miner’s vocals have diminished over the years, let’s face it after four decades ripping into songs year after year night after night, certainly takes a toll vocally period, nothing last forever except the memories of one last amazing performance in Philadelphia to last a lifetime at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts.
Tesla Set List
Cum’ Atcha Live
Edison’s Medicine
Hang Tough
Heaven’s Trall
Mama’s Fool
Love Song
Modern Day Cowboy
Little Suzi
Scorpions Set List
Sting in the Tail
Make It Real
Is There Anybody There
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Loving You Sunday Morning
Rhythm of Love
Wind of Change
Raised on Rock
Tease Me Please Me
Hit Between the Eyes
Kottak Attack
Six String Sting
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
No One Like You
Rock You Like a Hurricane 
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